Business Holiday Greeting Card Etiquette

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If you’re in charge of sending out the holiday cards or holiday gift baskets this year for the office, you may not know just how to do it. What’s acceptable these days? Can you send a gift along with your card? Is it ok to hand write them? Is it expected? Businesses have changed. Gone are the days of the staunch, formal office. Even in the most conservative offices it’s acceptable to be a little more relaxed these days. That doesn’t mean you can be lax in your holiday etiquette. There...

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Holiday Baking Tips

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It’s so fun and rewarding to bake holiday treats with friends and family to help you. Even if you prefer to bake alone, there’s a satisfaction of knowing you created delicious treats that will spread cheer to everyone. What do some seasoned bakers know that would help you this year? Read on to find out. Great bakers use fresh ingredients. That flour that’s been in your pantry since last May is probably not going to yield the tastiest results. That chocolate that’s been in the freezer...

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Create a Gift Basket

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I love gift baskets! But what is up with most gift baskets these days? Yeah, they all have something that I love in them. But, just like boxes of assorted chocolate, there is always something left at the end that nobody wants. Whether it is the mint jelly or those lollipops with the worms in them, why do most gift baskets force me to waste? It is annoying. But I still love giving and receiving gift baskets because, for the most part, they are usually so versatile and wonderful. I don’t...

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Creative Holiday Gift Ideas For Christmas 2010

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Fall is upon us – the nights are getting cooler, the kids and back in school, and the major retailers are already speculating as to what the top Christmas gifts of this year will be.   And even though it would be hard for anyone to predict some of the wilder holiday gifting phenomena like the Tickle Me Elmo or the Zhu Zhu pet,  it’s not tough to see that the best gift ideas for this holiday season will be all about creativity and personalization. Personalized gifts used to be costly and...

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I love getting gift baskets in the mail. I especially love when I get good gift baskets in the mail. You know, those awesome gift baskets that are filled with delicious treats, beautiful colors and will make any pair of eyes go wide. Don’t you love gift baskets? You have to face it. When you get one on your doorstep, you know it is pretty exciting, because no matter how big or small it is, unless you are a food Scrooge with a bad attitude, there is at least something in it that entices...

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Tired of being last in line at the mall? You know the story… you are out Christmas shopping for that perfect Christmas gift on what seems to be an opportune day. And then it seems like five million people also had the same idea. So you go into the store. You pick out your gift. And then you wait. Ten minutes later, you are still waiting in line along with the thirty five other customers, each holding some sort of Christmas toy, Christmas card or huge Christmas gift basket, and the line is...

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Posted by on Aug 18, 2010 in Blog | 1 comment

Got someone on your Christmas list who really needs or wants a new computer for Christmas, a bigger monitor or some sort of complicated computer gadget? Do you have any idea what they are talking about when they say they want a blade server? (Yeah, me neither.) Well, no matter if you know your friend is talking about something for his computer or think he is picturing a sharp cooking device, can help you out. has got a huge section deemed just for you...

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Posted by on Aug 14, 2010 in Blog | 0 comments Don’t Forget Your Neighbors!

You know the feeling. The feeling when all of your neighbors that you barely know each bring you a plate of cookies and Christmas treats. You stand there and thank them, and then close the door because you didn’t get them anything in return. Want to avoid this awkward feeling? is a great place to find tons of Christmas gift ideas, even for those people you barely know and people who you’d rather not spend tons of money on. will give you lists of...

Read More Christmas Shopping vs. Our Economy

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With today’s economy, who has the time, money or desire to shop for Christmas gifts anymore? As a kid, Christmas shopping was fun. You bought presents for your family and your best friends, usually on your parent’s dime. But in this day and age, I feel like I have got to get a Christmas gift to every person that I came in contact with over the year. The office wants to have a Christmas party, so you’ve got to get a Secret Santa gift and a present for your boss. Not only that,...

Read More Great Last Minute Gifts

Posted by on Aug 6, 2010 in Blog | 1 comment

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? Chances are, you are thinking, “Nah… it is only July! I have TONS of time to do my Christmas shopping!” But the months go by fast. Come November fifteenth, you will be thinking, “Hey, Thanksgiving is not even here yet! I have over a month left to buy Christmas gifts!” Then, December fourth. “I still have a few weeks left. My Christmas shopping will not take that long.” December tenth. “Yeah, I will go Christmas shopping next week.”...

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Light Affection personalized carved photo lights – Perfect gifts for any occasion

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Personalized gifts and photo gifts have long become popular gifts for anyone looking for something personal. Among the common T Shirts, Hats, Bags and puzzles, you can also find unique unusual gifts, such as the Light Affection lamps and Night Lights Light Affection uses a unique technique to create a carved piece based on your photograph. The carved piece is assembled into a complete Table top lamp or Night Light. When the light is turned on, the image magically appears. The carved piece is...

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Christmas Comes Soon

Posted by on Dec 14, 2009 in Blog | 2 comments

Try to imagine this: it’s ten days before Christmas and you’ve decided you’re finally going to go out and do some Christmas gift shopping. Ignoring the inclination to stay indoors and shop online, you decide to do it the old fashioned way. You’ll have to batter your way through traffic to get the mall, search for a parking spot, spend hours perusing each store, wait in long lines for a cashier who’s overworked and irritable, lug your purchases all over the mall and then get back to...

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The Days Before Christmas Tick Away

Posted by on Dec 12, 2009 in Blog | 1 comment

Tomorrow will mark the halfway point to Christmas since December 1. If your clock, like most people’s, for Christmas gift shopping starts on December 1, then you’ve spent half your time already, and tomorrow will start the second half. So have you done the Christmas gift shopping you need to? Have you gotten each person on your list the personalized gift you promised yourself you would make the time to get them? Are you happy with the prices you paid? If you’re not ready, if you haven’t...

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Gift Clubs Save Christmas

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Christmas has found the ultimate gift for anyone who has it all: gift clubs. Christmas is a godsend that all vetted Christmas gift shoppers should be well familiar with at this point. A sole website taking all the headache and stress out of Christmas gift shopping is important enough, but for them to turn around and then make it even easier to find unique gifts for anyone and everyone, even for those people who seem to have everything, make Christmas the best...

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Personalized Gifts Are On Everyone’s Wish-List

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As technology progresses, and American consumerism advances, we have seen some incredible changes. What other society in history has had the opportunities and technological brilliance we do? And as we become so advanced, we begin to desire more and more personalization, more uniqueness to set us apart from all the other wonderful, new advances. In our vastly consumer world, that is extremely evident in Christmas gifts. Consumers want to know that their gifts are personalized gifts – this is...

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Last Minute Gifts Loom Near

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It’s Christmas gift shopping season, have you got everything you need? Have you got some of it out of the way? Have you even started? Christmas knows how scary this season can get! And it’s understandable – we all have so much going on, it’s terribly easy for the month of December to slip us by and suddenly all those plans we had for shopping for unique gifts, and all those intentions of having personalized gifts for everyone this Christmas fly out the window and suddenly...

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December Heralds Christmas Gift Shopping

Posted by on Dec 4, 2009 in Blog | 4 comments

Christmas gift shopping season has officially begun, and Christmas has kicked up their production to ensure that you’ve got the best opportunity at unique gifts you could want. Whether you’re looking for personalized gifts for the person who has everything or you want to find unique gifts for anyone and everyone on your list, Christmas is the place you should start – because it’s also where you’ll end! You’ll find everything you need and more. Christmas gift...

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Looking for an Unique Holiday Gift for Mom or Wife

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Are you looking for an unique holiday gift for mom or your lovely wife, the mother of your children?  Are you a mom who wants something special to keep your children close to your heart?  Then you need to visit for the world’s largest collection of personalized handcrafted mother jewelry including mothers necklaces and bracelets. Each jewelry piece is custom made to order.  Your child’s name and birth date are hand-inscribed on each charm by our expert artists. ...

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How to pick out the perfect holiday gift and still find time to relax!

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Holiday time for everyone is always filled with parties, cookie swaps, shopping, wrapping presents……and the list goes on and on as you drop exhausted into bed late each night. Then when the sun rises the next morning, you start the whole process all over again. For some, shopping is done in October – we all wish we could be in that category. Then we have those who plunge into their shopping the weekend after Thanksgiving – they sure are brave souls sitting in those traffic jams....

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Black Friday? Time to Find Christmas Gift Ideas!

Posted by on Nov 29, 2009 in Blog | 3 comments

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and that means that Black Friday has too – and now we’re deep into the hap-hap-happiest time of year: Christmas gift shopping season. The season that everyone hates to love, and loves to get gifts at the end of Christmas gift shopping can often be little more than a headache, nightmare, waste of time and stress-ball – all rolled into one. One minute you’re on the hunt for a perfect, unique gift, the next you’re battling some grandmother for the same...

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You Need Gift Ideas? Has Got Gift Ideas!

Posted by on Nov 27, 2009 in Blog | 2 comments

Christmas gift shopping – is there anything harder? There may be a difference of opinions between the genders over whether or not a day spent at the mall is a day well spent, but regardless of age, gender or any other factor, shopping for the perfect unique gift for everyone on your list is hard! And we all need gift ideas from time to time. How many times have you wasted hours looking for just the right personalized gift only to walk out with something that you ended up having to settle for...

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Thanksgiving Spells Start of Christmas Gift Shopping

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Today is Thanksgiving, tomorrow is Black Friday – this marks the official start of Christmas gift shopping season. Forget hunting season, forget about fishing season, forget about the football season, you can even forget about the autumn season – because there’s only one season after Thanksgiving: and it’s Christmas gift season. The hunt is on while America casts its line looking for the best prices on the most unique gifts that’ll be a real touchdown for everyone as they fall into...

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Why a Photo Blanket Makes a Great Christmas Gift

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Christmas is a celebration of family and togetherness and photo blankets make this holiday all the more special. Nothing brings a family closer than remembering time with family photos. Instead of framing those photos or dragging out dusty prints from years long past, try a unique approach to gift giving with photo blankets. Christmas presents and holiday photo shoots are staples of life. Every year we all scamper around trying to find the most unique gifts and nearly always end up with the...

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Black Friday Means the Beginning of Dreading Last Minute Gifts

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Black Friday and last minute gifts don’t seem to be two concepts that go together all too easily, but take it from the people over at Christmas there’s more in common about these two things than would at first seem to be the case. Last minute gifts are the dreaded side effect of waiting to find the time for shopping for perfect, unique gifts for everyone on your list. Just about everyone suffers from the desire to find personalized gifts for every person on their list, and all...

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List of Gift Ideas

Keep Calm and Carry On with Christmas in July

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Keep Calm and Carry On with Christmas in July

It happens every year. In the weeks preceding Christmas, frantic  shoppers fill the aisles of almost every store known to man. The frenzy of traffic that creeps along the highways and city streets is enough to make even the most festive person cringe. Long lines, empty shelves and high prices are around every turn. And even dedicated holiday fanatics find it hard to stay calm. Enter Christmas in July! Over the years, there has been a lot of attention given to Christmas creep. Merchants all...

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These Perfect Gifts By Zodiac Sign Will Leave Them Starstruck

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These Perfect Gifts By Zodiac Sign Will Leave Them Starstruck

Do you have trouble deciding on Christmas gift ideas for  your loved ones each year? What if the perfect gifts for everyone on your list were already written in the stars? If you’re ready to use your cosmic gift-giving talents to wow your friends, family members and coworkers with enlightening presents they really want to unwrap, this astrological gift-giving guide is sure to do the trick. Just make a list of everyone’s birthdays and we’ll help you get started. Aries (March...

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Early Bird Christmas Gifts Are Sure To Put A Spring In Your Step

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Early Bird Christmas Gifts Are Sure To Put A Spring In Your Step

The first signs of spring are beginning to indicate that warmer weather is on its way- complete with sunshiny days and starry nights. While we’re pretty sure that Christmas gifts are not the first things topping your list this early in the season, we thought we would remind you that the big day is only nine short months away. And there are oodles of reasons why starting your gift finding adventure early this year will put a spring in your step now, and all year long. Hurry! Grab a nice...

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It’s Not Too Late for Last Minute Christmas Gifts in 2016

Posted by on Dec 22, 2016 in Article of the Week, Blog, Christmas Gifts Articles | 1 comment

It’s Not Too Late for Last Minute Christmas Gifts in 2016

Although Christmas is just a few days away, there is still time to order last minute Christmas gifts for your friends and family members this year. While we always have the best of intentions and plan to get our holiday shopping done early every year, something always tends to come up. Maybe you had to work extra hours at the office. Perhaps there are a few people that you simply had trouble finding unique gifts for. Or maybe you’ve already attended so many Christmas celebrations that the...

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Create a Scavenger Hunt for Christmas Gifts This Year

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Create a Scavenger Hunt for Christmas Gifts This Year

People love scavenger hunts! It doesn’t matter what time of year you have one. A Christmas gifts scavenger hunt is a unique and creative way to engage your kids in deductive reasoning and heighten the anticipation of opening Christmas gifts. It can be a fun Christmas activity for all ages at your upcoming holiday party, or a great way to add excitement on Christmas morning. So, how do you create a scavenger hunt for your Christmas gifts this year? Step 1: Choose an Age-Appropriate Scavenger...

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Make Decorating Your Christmas Tree a Family Event

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Make Decorating Your Christmas Tree a Family Event

The tradition of putting up a Christmas tree is a memory many children cherish. There are many rituals and activities associated with decorating the Christmas tree. If you want to create a Family Christmas Tree Event, here are some suggestions.       Get a Real Tree If your family doesn’t have a problem with allergies, then bring a real evergreen into your home this Christmas. Going out to get a Christmas tree is an exciting tradition for adults and kids alike.  Nothing beats...

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