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BearHands Toddler Fleece Mittens $11.19

BearHands Toddler Fleece Mittens

BearHands Toddler Fleece Mittens


Bring out the bear cub in your child! These ThinsulateTM lined fleece mittens are adorable protective clothing used to cover the hands to keep them warm. Mittens are similar to gloves, in the way that they cover and help the hand to keep it warm in cold weather especially this upcoming holiday season. However, while gloves are made for covering the four fingers and a thumb, mittens are specially...

Kids like fashion too!

When you are shopping for kids clothing in this gift directory, keep fashion in mind. Kid clothing today tends to mimic adult clothes. This makes shopping for kids clothing both easy and difficult.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to help keep you on track when shopping for kid clothing:



  • Shop for trends. Websites often feature what is hot, popular and “now”. If you’re unsure, go with a featured product or hot new item.
  • Don’t give clothes you know the kid will dislike. Just because you like it, doesn’t mean they will. Your gift will be wasted on a child who simply won’t wear it.

  • Ask parents what size their child is. Children come in all shapes and sizes, and it can be awkward to give a gift that is way too big or too small.
  • Don’t give inappropriate clothing. Violence, drugs, drinking or adult material are off limits—they send the wrong message, which can make parents uncomfortable.

  • Ask kids what they like, and what they think is cool. Look through a magazine together, or watch TV. You may find out more than you expect.
  • Don’t give clothing that shows too much skin, is extremely low-rise or skimpy overall. Clothing can be stylish, fun and safe to wear.

  • Give costumes and dress up clothing. Both girls and boys enjoy dressing up and acting out a favorite story, movie, book or show.
  • Don’t give kid clothing that is hard to care for or is delicate to wear. For special occasions, this may be fine, but if you want your gift to get good use, it needs to be washable and dryable.


Costumes as Christmas Gifts

Costumes are not just for Halloween anymore. Science shows us that children learn through play, both with toys and imaginary games. Believe it or not, costumes are a great way for kids to try on different social roles, and to help them form their own identities. It’s both healthy and fun for kids to play imaginary games, and costumes can help bring those games to life. As far as gift ideas go, kid costumes are top notch.

Sometimes just the sight of a fun costume will spark excitement in a child’s mind. Hours of play time can come from one simple costume. You can’t go wrong with kid costumes as Christmas gifts.

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