Wine & Cigar Gifts

Garagiste Wine Club $65

Garagiste Wine Club

Garagiste Wine Club


The unbridled passion and fascinating spirit of independent winemakers from California, Oregon and Washington is brought to your loved one’s door with these magnificent monthly wine gifts. The Garagiste Wine Club is a newly developed monthly gift club that features exquisite, hand-crafted wines that are nearly impossible to find anywhere else. Now your loved one can discover magnificent monthly...

International Wine Club $75

International Wine Club

International Wine Club


Wine and cigar gifts are some of the best selling unique gifts this holiday season, and these splendid international wines are sure to be a hit with that wine connoisseur on your list. Recommended by Forbes Magazine, the International Wine Club features magnificent wine selections with impeccable flavor, exclusively imported from some of the most magnificent, hidden wine estates around the...

Plonk 4-Bottle Wine Clubs $89.99

Plonk 4-Bottle Wine Clubs

Plonk 4-Bottle Wine Clubs


Wine gifts are a magnificent choice for those one of a kind, wine connoisseurs on your list. Featuring four fabulous bottles of intriguing wines crafted from some of the most talented boutique wineries around the globe, Plonk wine clubs offer your recipient the opportunity to experience organic, biodynamic, and limited-production wines without ever leaving home. Choose from wondrous whites,...

Finding the Right Christmas Gift for an Aficionado

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Cigar Gifts

cigarsWhether you’re celebrating the birth of a new born baby, or enjoying the sunshine on your back patio, a quality cigar is good for any occasion. Did someone get a promotion or receive some good news? Having guests over for a dinner or cocktail party? Be the perfect host by offering cigars to your guests.

Many famous celebrities smoke cigars, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and President Bill Clinton. Michael Jordan and Babe Ruth even enjoy one once in a while. We can’t forget about women smoking cigars either—actresses, super models, CEOs, have extended cigars to the female gender.

You don’t have to be a cigar connoisseur to find a good cigar. Keep in mind some handy facts when purchasing for yourself or others:

  • Find out what’s inside your cigar. Is it 100% tobacco, or are there other fillers? Premium cigars should contain high quality filler.
  • Don’t buy a cigar that is damaged or has been tampered with. Water damage, moisture and heat can greatly affect the way a cigar smokes.
  • A cigar’s “Ring Gauge” is a its diameter, measured in 64th of an inch. The fatter the cigar, the higher the number.
  • Cigars are made all over the world, including Central America, South America, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. Different regions often use different tobacco strands.
  • A cigar’s wrapper (or outer layer) gives it much of its flavor.
  • Some cigar sizes are referred to by name. For example, there is the “Presidente” cigar, which is eight inches long.


Wine Gifts

Wine Country GiftsEveryone loves wine and wine accessories. For some, it’s a bottle here and there, with focus on taste and flavor. For others, wine is collectible and used to impress guests and kick off dinner parties. Some health specialists will even tell you wine is good for you. We hope they’re right, because we have a huge selection of wine in this category.

Consider giving wine accessories as well as wine. Wine enthusiasts will revel in a flashy decanter or aerator. Did you know that different kinds of wine have different glasses? Get the white wine lover in you life a set of crystal Chardonnay glasses, or a wine tasters set consisting of a variety of wine glasses.

Corkscrews and wine toppers can be fun and practical Christmas gifts. Some are truly beautiful, made with blown glass or ceramics. Bring an extra one to your next holiday party and surprise the hostess. She’ll appreciate a stylish way to keep her wine fresh for longer.

If you’re really looking for a gift that says “Wow!”, then give a wine basket. Let someone else figure out what to pair your wine with. At the click of a button you can have complimentary cheeses, crackers and meats to accompany your wine. These gourmet gift ideas are stellar.


Choosing Wine

There are hundreds of types of wine, from countries all over the world. While most wine is made from grapes, it can be made from other fruit or berries. This means that you have thousands of options when choosing wine for yourself or as a Christmas gift. Follow these handy suggestions and you’ll do just fine:

  • Pair the wine with food—Attending a party? Know what the hostess is serving? Buy a wine to accompany her main dish. Most online wine shops have guides to walk you through food pairing, so that you end up with the exactly right wine.
  • Stick to Your Budget—Wine can range from the few dollar range into the hundreds. Decide what you are willing to spend before you start shopping, then stick with your budget. There are many delicious, inexpensive wines, so you don’t have to break the bank.
  • Shop both local and exotic—There are wine makers all over the United States. Search for wines made in your region, state or even city. Alternatively, look at imported wine. You can choose something from clear across the world or right from your own backyard.
  • Learn about your choice—Once you’ve made your selection, be sure to write down or print some information about the wine so you sound like you know what you’re talking about. Learn where the wine was made, what year or “vintage”; it is and what its called. Doing this will take you gift idea to the next level.
  • When all else fails, choose a pretty label—Wine can be a gamble. After all the reading and research, you may want to go with something that has bottle appeal.
  • Don’t forget to wrap your gift! How do you wrap a wine bottle? It’s easy. Get a wine bag or gift box designed for bottles, and you’re set. When you order wine online, check gift wrapping options to see if you can save money on wrapping services or materials.
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