Gifts for tweens

Personalized Day You Were Born $9.99

Personalized Day-You-Were-Born Print

Personalized Day-You-Were-Born Print


These beautiful prints provide a charming way to capture the memories and history of the day someone was born. Available from 1950 to the present, they make a unique gift for all ages. Each print contains your loved one’s name, birth date, their name meaning and birth stats (optional). Also included are famous birthdays, current headlines, top sports teams, movies, TV shows, fashion trends and...

Harry-Potter-Kids-Quidditch-Helmet-from-Warner-Bros $29.95

Harry Potter Kids’ Quidditch Helmet from Warner Bros.

Harry Potter Kids’ Quidditch Helmet from Warner Bros.


This Christmas season, gear up to catch Golden Snitch with this Harry Potter Kids’ Quidditch Helmet from Warner Bros. What you will receive is exactly as it is shown in the pictures; a quality and a fun gift for everyone who loves Harry Potter on your Christmas shopping list. This is an inspired item from one of the best Harry Potter scenes. The Golden Snitch, or sometimes just simply called...

The-Hobbit-An-Unexpected-Journey-Lego-Board-Game-from-Warner-Bros $31.46

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Lego Board Game from Warner Bros.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Lego Board Game from Warner Bros.


For better or worse, Kids associate Holiday season with gifts. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Lego Board Game from Warner Bros. is an ideal gift for any child in your life. This is a memory game with a twist. This buildable memory game is specially made for two to four players. The main purpose of this game is all about finding the missing dwarves who have become lost in Hobbiton. You can do...

Bontempi Rock Drummer Drum Set With Stool $57.99

Bontempi Rock Drummer Drum Set With Stool

Bontempi Rock Drummer Drum Set With Stool


This is a perfect gift for a person who believes that a life without music is a mistake. Enjoy holiday season with rock and roll with Bontempi Rock Drummer Drum Set With Stool. For those of you out there who believe that drumming is just about rhythm and noise, then you are wrong. The art of drumming possesses a lot of benefits in all aspects in everyday life. Most of the techniques and skills...

Gifts for Tweens

If you are struggling to find the perfect gifts for tweens, you have come to the right place. Our extraordinary elves are experts at knowing just what to give boys and girls who are at such a tender age in their development. They understand that while those tweens in your life aren’t yet all grown up, they aren’t exactly toddlers anymore and they want the world to know it! When little kid toys like Hot Wheels and baby dolls simply won’t do, and that special boy or girl has outgrown the storybook times of the past, knows just what to do.

We’ve selected some of the most creative merchants available to make sure we offer you a selection of gifts for tweens that are expert elf approved!

Magnificent Ideas for Christmas Gifts for Tweens

These wonderful ideas for gifts for tweens are certain to make that special boy or girl feel all grown up this Christmas.

  • Christmas Gift Certificates: When you’re ready to make your favorite tween feel all grown up, a Christmas gift certificate is the way to go! Your tween will absolutely love being able to “cash in” on the gift he or she chooses. Be sure to check out a fun gift certificate/ card holder to present your gift in style!
  • Personalized Gifts: While the elves understand that your special tween probably isn’t interested in personalized storybooks or dolls anymore, we still think personalized gifts are an excellent choice for tweens. One of our favorite ideas for personalized gifts for tweens is the fake magazine cover gift. Simply submit his or her photo, a bit of information about accomplishments, special interests or goals, and before you know it your fake magazine cover will be on its way. If you are in a rush, you can even print this gift from home.
  • Kids Toys: Let’s face it, that tween in your life may not be quite ready to give up the idea of toys for Christmas. Avoid embarrassing moments and childish toys, however. Instead, opt for items like Harry Potter collectible toys, board games, or even a retro arcade game for the family room.
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