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Venetian Bronze Squares Boot Tray $50.95

Venetian Bronze Squares Boot Tray

Venetian Bronze Squares Boot Tray


Are you tired of seeing your floor messy and full of clutter and debris? This attractive boot tray is the perfect solution! The Venetian Bronze Squares Boot Tray is essential this winter, and it can make a wonderful gift for just about anyone on your list! Constructed from galvanized steel for added durability, the raised squares on this boot tray is designed to help wet items dry more...

Arch Polished Chrome Soap Holder with Dish $50.71

Arch Polished Chrome Soap Holder with Dish

Arch Polished Chrome Soap Holder with Dish


This Arch Polished Chrome Soap Holder with Glass Dish will make a perfect Christmas gift for newlywed’s, friends or relatives who are redecorating, or anyone who’s starting to build a home.This elegant soap holder features a polished Chrome plated surface that provides outstanding quality and shine, and will surely last a long time without fading or changes in color due to soap and water...

Sea Glass Stones $26.95

Sea Glass Stones 4-5″ Wide

Sea Glass Stones 4-5″ Wide


These beautiful Sea Glass Stones are the perfect unique gift for Impress your friends and loved ones this Christmas with the elegance of these one-of-a-kind engraved glass stones! These exquisite stones are the perfect addition to water fountains, rock displays, aquariums, or curio cabinets. If you are shopping for an executive this Christmas, these custom stones can make wonderful desk art or...

The softest and silkiest sheets are no longer satin sheets. Egyptian cotton sheets with a thread count of 300 or more are their more-than-suitable replacement. Thread count is the number of threads per square inch of fabric. Keep in mind, as the thread count goes higher, so does the price.


Here are some simple tips for finding a good set of sheets:

If you like a crisp sheet, consider a percale weave, which is typically a 200 to 300 thread count sheet. If you like a silky, soft sheet, consider a sateen weave sheet, which is typically a 500 to 600 thread count sheet. Inexpensive sheet sets are more likely to shrink than the pricier, better quality high thread-count sheet set.



Gaining popularity with the non-early risers, are “darkening” curtains. These are a wonderfully effective gift for those who are “allergic” to mornings. Room darkening blinds are also a wonderful accent for the bedroom, but also, do well at preventing light from entering a room. This is an ideal gift for someone who works the graveyard shift and needs to sleep during the day.



In addition to the shower curtain and rug set, consider a shelf organizer. This unique shelving system for the shower offers utilization of the space at the end of the shower (typically that space isn’t used as much) held in place with suspension poles and shelves. Removing the clutter around the shower head, these shelves offer a better utilization of the small space.



Nothing says relaxing better than a nice hot bath complete with jets, as in a hot tub. Instead of incurring the cost of such an expensive gift, why not invest in something equally as pleasurable at half the cost? For a fraction of the cost you can add the bubbles to the tub, much to the delight of your loved ones. Want to add comfort to the tub? Consider the full body bath lounger. This ideal gift offers comfort for the aqua-lounger as it cradles the whole body instead of sitting on a hard surface. With three inflatable sections, body, back and head, the built-in suction cups hold in place this luxurious full-length cushion.

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