Sea Glass Stones 4-5″ Wide

Sea Glass Stones 4-5″ Wide
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By Serenity Health

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Sea Glass Stones 4-5″ Wide



These beautiful Sea Glass Stones are the perfect unique gift for Impress your friends and loved ones this Christmas with the elegance of these one-of-a-kind engraved glass stones! These exquisite stones are the perfect addition to water fountains, rock displays, aquariums, or curio cabinets. If you are shopping for an executive this Christmas, these custom stones can make wonderful desk art or paper weights as well!

These sea glass stones are created by tumbling recycled glass for a period of days to produce a sea glass appearance. There are two sizes of stones from which to choose. The larger stone is approximately four to five inches in width, and the smaller stone is two to three inches wide. Each stone is unique, and can be engraved with more than one-hundred phrases and words for a custom effect. If you choose, you can request that a personalized message be engraved on your stone to create a truly unique piece.

Order your engraved Sea Glass stone today! If you are ordering more than one unique stone, your telephone order would be appreciated since multiple purchase discounts may apply.

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