Thanksgiving Spells Start of Christmas Gift Shopping

Thanksgiving Spells Start of Christmas Gift Shopping

Today is Thanksgiving, tomorrow is Black Friday – this marks the official start of Christmas gift shopping season. Forget hunting season, forget about fishing season, forget about the football season, you can even forget about the autumn season – because there’s only one season after Thanksgiving: and it’s Christmas gift season. The hunt is on while America casts its line looking for the best prices on the most unique gifts that’ll be a real touchdown for everyone as they fall into grandma’s house this year. Christmas is ready for the payload, and American better jump into their waiting arms!

Black Friday, what a wonderful day. Everyone piles into their cars, hoping to spend the day peacefully searching for the best unique gifts imaginable, they get to the mall, promises of personalized gifts on every billboard and poster and advertisement they see. And then they hit traffic. For what is Christmas gift shopping without traffic. But everyone continues through the traffic, certain that the Mecca of Christmas shopping is just around the next corner. Forty-five minutes later, it is a harried, battered soul who enters the mall, only to discover that there is nothing different on the inside of the mall than on the outside. The war for the best unique gift is on. And the real problem is that there can be no winner at the mall.

Christmas knows that – and so made the perfect place for any battle-hardened Christmas gift shopper. Looking for the personalized gift that you’ll know is perfect for that special someone on your list: look no further than Christmas The prices are perfect, the lines are the shortest you could ever imagine: non-existent. And the traffic on the way there is no thicker than your dog begging to be fed and your cat sitting on your chair. Stop worrying about the woes of Black Friday, and start looking forward to all the time you’ll save by shopping online at Christmas

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