Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

Your Christmas tree is one of the best ways to show off your individual style. You can create a tree that is unique and different every year, or build upon your theme year after year with new ornaments and embellishments. Here are some ideas for Christmas tree themes that will get you thinking.

Teddy Bears

An old-fashioned teddy bear tree is darling for any age. Begin collecting teddy bears of various sizes from tag sales and thrift stores throughout the year. Look through your house and see if you can find any teddy bear themed décor to include. Use all different sizes, colors, and shapes of bears. What matters is the consistent theme. If it’s a bear, it can hang on your tree. Tuck larger bears into the branches of the trees near the trunk so they don’t topple over. A popcorn or cranberry chain will give the tree a vintage appeal. If you want to make it look really retro, use all brown bears, the more worn the better. Add only ornaments made of wood or metal so it has a handmade appeal. When the season is over, you can either store your ornaments for next year and keep adding bears, or you can display your collection of bears on a hearth or mantle year round.

Santas from Yesteryear

If you are a collector, or just love Christmas, why not do an all-Santa tree? You can find Santas that look like they came from days of old (or really did). Santas can now be found everyplace from flea markets to dollar stores to antique shops. You can keep an eye out for Santas year round, or do a completely new Santa tree. Head out to find your tree and then add as many Santas as will fit. Trim it with white faux fur that you can find at a sewing or craft store. Add touches of red ornaments and the tree will take on a decidedly Santa feel. Top the tree with a Santa hat for an adorable finish.

Angels in the Air

Angels are hugely popular and you can find them in every price range. Visit Hallmark or discount stores for collections of angels that are unique. String your angels on silver thread or yarn. Do a silver tinsel background on the tree and top it with a metal and glitter halo. Since angels are so plentiful at Christmas time, you won’t have any trouble finding beautiful pieces to add to your tree. And you can also display them all year long since they are such a lovely addition to any décor.

Wrapped Boxes

Since Christmas is a time for giving, why not make a gift box tree? Wrap empty boxes of all different sizes and papers. Jewelry boxes of different sizes work well. Choose coordinating paper in different patterns and add bows. Hang your boxes all over the tree and your visitors throughout the season will marvel at your creativity. You might even want to hide a real present among the empty boxes and let your recipient try to find it. Some holiday gift baskets even come in some wonderfully colored boxes, these are always fun to collect and display in a whole new light!

No matter which theme you decide on, you can be sure that if you stick with coordinating colors, fabrics, materials, and shapes, you’ll have a tree that looks unified and well thought out.

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