7 Ways to Deal With That Grinch On Your Christmas Gifts List

7 Ways to Deal With That Grinch On Your Christmas Gifts List
7 Ways to Deal With That Grinch On Your Christmas Gifts List

We’ve all got at least one Grinch on our Christmas gifts list it seems. Despite the alluring aroma of Christmas cookies that fills the air, festive holiday music and decorations around every turn, and warm Christmas wishes from people we don’t even know during the holiday season, some people just despise Christmas altogether. In most cases, the Grinches in our lives are not bad people. Perhaps they’ve just had a bad Christmas experience. Maybe the holiday season brings back difficult memories. Or the Christmas holiday could just touch a nerve. Whatever the reason the Grinch in your life feels the way he or she does, don’t let them steal your holiday spirit! There are ways to deal with Grinches, after all. And who knows- you could even end up turning the bah humbug holiday frown upside down!


Don’t Let That Grinch On Your Christmas Gifts List Steal Your Holiday Spirit

Surprisingly, nearly one-third of adult Americans display at least some type of Grinch-like qualities. According to recent studies, a whopping 53% of people actually dislike Christmas shopping! Can you believe it? (Maybe they just don’t know about ChristmasGifts.com.) Studies also reveal that about 34% don’t like to receive gifts during the holidays. Another 33% despise decorating the Christmas tree, and for 32%, listening to Christmas music is a dreadful experience. We’ve got to get these people straightened out! Come on Santa’s helpers. We can’t let these Grinches steal our holiday spirit! Here are 7 ways to deal with the Grinches on our Christmas gifts list this year.

grinch on your christmas gifts list

1. Let Your Holiday Needs Be Known

Do you have a party pooper on your Christmas gifts list who tends to grouch out at your holiday celebrations? Or someone who refuses to help out with the holiday decorating and other preparations? My friend, it’s time to let your needs be known. Let your loved one know how much this behavior is bringing you down. He or she may not chant ho ho ho and spread mountains of Christmas cheer, but chances are good that your loved one will at least make an effort.

2. Be Accepting

So what if not everyone enjoys the holiday season like we do. Everything doesn’t need to be perfect! Don’t expect your loved one to jump for joy when it’s time to go on your Christmas gift shopping spree. Just be glad they tagged along. And who cares if the Christmas lights are hung completely wrong. At least your loved one made an attempt. Give credit where credit is due, and be thankful for the tiny steps toward a happy holiday season.

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3. Put Them in Charge

Sometimes Grinches need to feel a sense of responsibility. And when they become accountable for how the decorations, gift-shopping or celebrations turn out, they tend to put more effort into everything. Does it really matter that your Christmas dinner consists of Chinese take-out? Or that he bought white elephant-style presents for everyone on your Christmas gifts list? Heck no. One thing is for sure though- when you put a Grinch in charge you’re almost certain to have a memorable Christmas.

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4. Create New Traditions

Unhappy memories are often the reason people become Grinches in the first place. If you suspect that memories of Christmases past are bringing your Grinch down, maybe it’s time to change things up. Instead of trying to push an annual Christmas shopping day or family decorating night, create a new Christmastime tradition that’s completely unique. Consider your Grinch’s favorite hobbies and beloved activities, and use them to create your own holiday traditions. If you make new, happy holiday memories, that Grinch on your Christmas gifts list will have something positive to look forward to each year.

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5. Share Your Excitement

Happiness is contagious, and excitement is extraordinary. Even ho-hum holiday chores can become fun and fabulous when you go about them the right way, so whatever you’re doing this holiday season, make it fun! Does your Grinch hate the mall? Dance in the aisles. Try on goofy hats. Sing along with the Christmas music. And if all else fails, stay home and shop with ChristmasGifts.com. Has decking the halls become a daunting task for the Grinch on your Christmas gifts list? Maybe you should try decorating him or even the dog instead! Or kiss him under the mistletoe. Just remember to be playful and comical and keep your Christmas spirit in Check.

fun with your Christmas gifts list grinch

6. Maybe It’s Time to Bargain

Perhaps it seems a little like bribery, but sometimes, a little bargaining with that Grinch on your Christmas gifts list can go a long way. Persuade your loved one to help you out by offering little rewards. Try saying things like: “If you help me get the decorations out of storage I’ll leave you alone while you watch the game,” or “If you go to Sandra and Bob’s Christmas party I’ll make a bunch of food for when the guys come over next week.” Friends, sometimes you have to give a little to get a little- and it IS the season of giving after all!

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7. Everyone Needs a Little Down Time

Let’s face it- things can get pretty crazy during the holiday season. All that stress over buying perfect presents for those on your Christmas gifts list, planning festive celebrations, and fixing that one string of Christmas lights that always seems to repeatedly fail can get to anyone- especially a Grinch. Be sure to give your  Grinch (and yourself) a little down time and TLC in the midst of the Christmastime hustle and bustle. Take an evening to relax. Watch silly movies or go to dinner. Take a walk and look at the stars. Or head over to the coffee shop and grab one of those magnificent peppermint mochas you can’t seem to live without.

downtime for the grinch on your Christmas gifts list

Do You Have a Grinch on Your Christmas Gifts List?

Here’s how to tell. If your loved one:

  • Hates ANY type of Christmas music
  • Would rather walk on hot coals that go Christmas gift shopping
  • Hides in the garage when it’s time to wrap Christmas gifts
  • Fakes and injury or illness to avoid going to Aunt Bertha’s Christmas gift exchange
  • Refuses to wear that ugly Christmas sweater

Share this article with your friends and help them overcome the Grinches on their Christmas gifts list this year!


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