Mastering the Art of Giving Christmas Gifts in 2017

Mastering the Art of Giving Christmas Gifts in 2017
Mastering the Art of Giving Christmas Gifts in 2017

When it comes to giving Christmas gifts, it’s all about mastering the art of gift-giving. Even the most ordinary items can become extraordinary when we present them to our recipients in thoughtful and efficient ways. And magnificent gifts can seem humdrum when they aren’t presented properly. In our haste to “just get the whole thing over with”, however, many of us frantically purchase gifts, add a little wrapping paper and either send them off in the mail or put them under the tree without much thought. Mastering the art of Christmas gift-giving can be pretty time-consuming and stressful, after all.

Our family at is dedicated to helping make sure your holiday season is everything you wished for. We’ve gathered a few gifting tips from gift-giving experts so you can master the art of giving Christmas gifts.


What You Need to Know About Giving Christmas Gifts

Here are a few simple tips to add excitement, thoughtfulness and adventure to your Christmas gift-giving experience this year.

giving Christmas gifts of money

  • Giving Cash. If you’ve decided to give a gift of cash this year, don’t just hand over a few bills inside a Christmas card and call it good. Let your recipient know that you put some time and thought into your money gift. Opt for new, crisp bills. That wrinkled cash in your wallet simply won’t do. Roll up the bills and slip them inside a balloon. Place them inside candy jars filled with candy. Or find some other creative way to hand over the cash!Giving Christmas gifts in the mail


  • Gifts in the Mail. If you’re sending Christmas gifts to loved ones who live far away, do your homework and get prepared. Be sure you have the correct mailing information for your recipient. Double check shipping times- it’s better to be super early than late! Place beautifully wrapped gifts inside mailing boxes so your hard work isn’t disturbed during transit and splurge on the extra insurance if necessary.

  • Gift Exchanges. If you really want to make a great impression when giving Christmas gifts at your gift exchange this year, forget about simply handing over the gifts or placing them under the tree. Make the whole experience special with activities like a white elephant gift exchange, secret Santa, or scavenger hunting.

wine gifts

  • Don’t Be Caught Without a Gift. Purchase a few thoughtful gifts and have them wrapped and ready for when that unexpected friend or neighbor brings a gift to you! Items like a bottle of wine, candles, Christmas ornaments, and seasonal plants are a great solution.

  • Be Creative. Don’t be afraid to use unique packaging when preparing gifts for your Christmas gift giving event. In fact, the less traditional the packaging, the more fun it can be to watch your recipient open your gift! Consider food or beverage packaging, candy jars, balloons and other off the wall ideas.

  • DIY Gifting. Forget about that mass-produced wrapping paper! If you have a few extra minutes this holiday season, create your own DIY wrapping solutions. Use fabric, comics, recycled Christmas cards, and even printed photos to make those gifts seem more thoughtful.

giving Christmas gifts in the right setting

  • Giving Christmas Gifts in the Right Setting. Those special gifts deserve to be presented in special ways. When giving romantic or sentimental Christmas gifts, be sure you do it in such a way that you touch the heart of your recipient. Think about romantic dinners, a sentimental location, or even a specific time of day or evening.

Choosing the Right Christmas Gifts to Give

Of course, what’s inside the package is pretty important as well. Consider the following dos and don’ts when selecting the right Christmas gifts to give this year.

Consider Who the Recipient Really Is

Remember that it’s the thought that counts when giving Christmas gifts, and take that phrase literally. While it’s nice that you found 15 hand-decorated flowerpots on sale at the big-box store last week, and they can obviously make wonderful gifts, they probably aren’t the best idea when it comes to Christmas gifts for Dad, your boyfriend, or that friend who is allergic to flowers!

Giving Christmas gifts to the right recipient

Only Get Personal When it’s Appropriate

Although it’s great to give personal gifts that come from the heart, be careful not to get TOO personal when giving Christmas gifts to certain recipients. For example, that personalized bathrobe or night apparel might be great for your better half, but we wouldn’t advise giving something like that to a coworker this Christmas!

Lavender Bath and Body Basket

Giving Christmas Gifts to the One Who Has Everything

We all have at least one person on our Christmas gift list who just seems to have everything he or she could ever need. Instead of giving Christmas gifts that will only add to the clutter, sit unused in the back of a closet somewhere, or be re-gifted to someone else, think outside the box with an experience. One can never have too many experiences, after all! Consider arranging a day at a local museum, tickets to an upcoming concert, movie or other special event, or even something really extravagant like a hot air balloon ride!

When in Doubt, Laugh it Out

If you’re really unsure what to give your recipient, present him or her with a Christmas gift that will bring a little laughter to the party. Consider things like ugly Christmas sweaters or T-shirts for the fashion conscious recipient in your life. Massive candy bars, huge wine glasses, and giant containers of cheese balls are great ideas for foodies. Or create DIY gag gifts that are unique for your one-of-a-kind friends.

Don’t Let Gift-Giving Get You Down

Giving Christmas gifts doesn’t need to be stressful, difficult or inconvenient. Gift giving should be a fun and exciting experience. And when you don’t feel great about your gift exchange, chances are your recipient won’t either. Choose relaxing, fun or comfortable locations to exchange Christmas gifts. And be sure to allow for plenty of time so you and your recipient are not rushed.

Have you mastered the art of giving Christmas gifts? Are there other tips, tricks or hacks that can make gift giving a more magnificent experience?


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