It’s Time You Learned the Truth About Rudolph

It’s Time You Learned the Truth About Rudolph
It’s Time You Learned the Truth About Rudolph

Most of us remember hearing about those magical flying reindeer who helped Santa deliver billions of gifts to Christmas homes near and far during our childhoods. As a kid, I remember reading stories and watching animated shows about Santa’s fabulous flock-herd season after season. And I always had a soft spot for the most famous reindeer of all. That innocent little odd-ball reindeer simply stole my heart. As I got older, I became a bit more curious about this little ugly duckling reindeer and his team. If you’re curious too, perhaps it’s time you learned the truth about Rudolph and his friends.


Exposed: The Truth About Rudolph

If you’re ready to separate the facts from the fiction when it comes to Rudolph and his clan, then by all means grab a warm mug of coffee and a candy cane or two, and put your feet up. There are some things you should know.

Santa’s Many Modes of Transportation

This marvelous flock of flying reindeer wasn’t always part of the Santa sensation. In fact, when the legend of Santa first became popular way back in the 4th century, the jolly old fellow was believed to have traveled by way of a donkey in South America. The Europeans believed he rode a majestic white horse.

truth about rudolph reindeerIt wasn’t until the poem “A Visit From St. Nicholas” By Clement C. Moore was created that the magical team of reindeer first joined the party.

Rudolph Makes an Appearance

Rudolph himself wasn’t born until 1939 when Robert May created him as the star of his book, “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”. The story was created for marketing purposes for Montgomery Ward, and quickly became a hit with more than 6 million copies sold in the next decade.

rudolph-reindeer_ink_liBefore long, a popular holiday song was recorded, an animated movie was produced, and the most famous reindeer of all went down in history!

Does Rudolph Really Exist?

Funny you should ask! While we all know reindeer can’t really fly, there is actually some truth to the red-nosed creatures! According to science, reindeer have more blood vessels around their noses than people do. When it gets cold, blood flow increases for warmth. And yes- their noses actually turn a shade of RED!!

christmas-sceneAnd there you have it! Now you know the truth about Rudolph and his flock of flying reindeer.

Would you like to learn more Christmas truths? Let us know what you’re curious about in the comments below!


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