Find Out What His Christmas Gifts Really Mean

Find Out What His Christmas Gifts Really Mean
Find Out What His Christmas Gifts Really Mean

Receiving gifts from men can be confusing. Are you still wondering why on earth he gave you a paper shredder for Christmas? Sometimes the message and meaning behind a gift gets a bit lost (possibly from shock) when it comes to opening Christmas gifts from men. Whatever the gift is, his intentions were good. Here’s a guide to help explain his thought process behind his Christmas gifts, and how he wants you to feel when you open them.

He Wants You to Feel Spoiled

If you’re given a Christmas gift that’s a little on the extravagant side, it’s supposed to be! He wants to spoil you, so enjoy it. Decadent food gifts, like chocolate covered strawberries, are meant to make you feel special. Jewelry, flowers, candy, and wine are all standard go-to gifts for women, because they’re extravagant. Even if you’re not a known lover of fancy, expensive things, accept these gifts and savor them. Soak it up, and allow him to spoil you!

He Wants You to Feel Appreciated

Christmas gifts are opportunities to show your loved ones how much you care, and acknowledge everything they do. If he gives you something like a trip to the spa or the salon, he’s showing that he knows you’re stressed, and he wants to help. Allow yourself to be pampered. He knows that it’s nice to feel appreciated (especially if you have kids). This meaning also applies to bath products, lotions, or essential oils.
Feel Appreciated

He Wants You to Feel Sentimental

Personalized Christmas gifts, especially ones he made, are meant to be heartfelt. If he gives you something romantic from memories you’ve made together, he wants you to feel sentimental and loved. This is especially true if it’s something pertaining to your kids, because he knows that’s your soft spot.
Personalized Gift

He Wants to Help

If you’re given a Christmas gift like this teapot, don’t worry. It’s not a thoughtless snub! There’s an old adage that says, “Never gift a woman anything she has to plug in.” But that’s just it, it’s an old adage. Often, men buy you useful things so that you don’t have to purchase them yourself. If you just moved into a new apartment and he gives you a toaster for Christmas, he just wants to help contribute to your new home.

He Wants You to Have Fun

These experience gifts are the perfect example of your significant other giving you the chance of a lifetime. Skydiving, concert tickets, hot air balloon rides– he wants you to have fun! There’s also a (likely) chance he wants to go with you. So take him, and have fun together.
Hot Air Balloon
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