Discover How to Buy Magnificent Christmas Gifts for Military Members

Discover How to Buy Magnificent Christmas Gifts for Military Members
Discover How to Buy Magnificent Christmas Gifts for Military Members

The holiday season can be extremely difficult for military families, and finding magnificent Christmas gifts for military members is probably one of the most challenging tasks of the holiday season. Service members are often stationed overseas, on ships, or in combat zones. Although military bases try to do their best to get into the holiday spirit, it’s still a tough time for those far away and their family members at home. Christmas decorations, holiday celebrations and festive events can only go so far, after all. And since many members have very limited space, there is often only room for necessities and the most meaningful possessions. If you want to bring Christmas joy to the military members in your life, here are a few tips, hints, and ideas to help you select magnificent Christmas gifts that measure up.

Things to Consider: Buying Magnificent Christmas Gifts for Military Members

Whether your military member is stationed overseas, on a ship, or simply in a location far away; he or she is a young and fresh service person or a seasoned member, there are a few things to consider when buying gifts.

Location is Relevant

Your loved one’s location is a huge factor when choosing magnificent Christmas gifts for him or her.

  • Consider the space that your service person has available to keep precious items. Men and women who have family housing may have plenty of room for gifts. Individuals on ships, however, have extremely tight quarters. Those who live in the barracks often share a small room with one or more other service people. And for those who are located overseas or in combat zones, space varies significantly.
  • Life can be very different for military members who are stationed in other countries. Some items that we enjoy here in America may not be useful, or even allowed. You might be tempted to buy a high-tech cellphone or other gadget, but do your homework first. And store-specific gift cards are rarely a good idea.
  • If your serviceman or woman travels a lot, this should be considered as well. You don’t want to buy magnificent Christmas gifts that will only be left behind when duty calls, after all. Or items that won’t hold up to the conditions of extensive travel. Instead, it might be wise to choose gifts that can easily go the distance.


Military members are trained to make the most of what they have. Although anything from home is always appreciated, gifts that are useful often top the list.

  • Purchase Christmas gifts that have multiple uses. Presents that combine a multitude of functions are always a hit with military members.
  • Listen to your loved one’s spoken (and unspoken) needs. Is there something that could make his or her life easier or more comfortable?
  • Basic necessities are sometimes hard to come by. Even everyday items are often a hit with military personnel.

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Christmas Gifts to Avoid

The most magnificent Christmas gifts in the world may not be the right choice for your military loved one. In fact, there are some types of gifts it might be wise to avoid.

  • Gift cards- especially those for specific stores- are usually not a good idea for military members far away. Your service person may not have access to the same stores you do. And some types of gift cards don’t work in other countries.
  • Food and alcohol gifts should be evaluated carefully. Some of these gifts cannot be sent to other countries. Be certain to check for laws that regulate shipping these items to your loved one’s destination.
  • Perishable items are almost always to be avoided. Although Grandma’s home baked Christmas cookies can’t be beat, they are just not the same when they’re stale.

Magnificent Christmas Gifts that Measure Up

Here are a few fantastic tips and ideas that are certain to spread some holiday joy to your service member.

Think Outside the Box

When space is a factor, these great gifts are a great choice! Gifts that remain in cyberspace are often a wonderful choice. Many military members still have access to the internet even though they are miles away. Instead of taking up space with sentimental gifts that could be damaged or lost, send online gifts this year!

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  • Create an online photo album or scrapbook filled with your favorite special memories. Add to the design of your memory book with quotes, special characters and funny sayings. There are numerous templates available on the internet if you’re not feeling the creativity.
  • Downloadable gifts are a cool solution for many military personnel as well. Send e-cards, family newsletters, and maybe even a fake magazine cover to honor your soldier, sailor, airman or marine.

Cool Military Gifts

No matter how prepared they try to be, there are always those few cool gadgets military members wish they had brought along.

magnificent Christmas gifts gadgets

  • One of the most annoying things many military members deal with is constant noise. And while a nifty set of earplugs might seem like a great solution, it will do nothing for those who want to listen to music or a movie. If your favorite military member is subjected to constant noise and chaos, we suggest a headphone beanie or headband. These babies are not only effective and inconspicuous, they are also great for active members who don’t want to hassle with dangling cords!
  • Military members learn very quickly to be well organized. So it only makes sense that organizational tools make Magnificent Christmas gifts for military personnel then, right? Consider things like leather bag organizers for those who are always on the go, or buy a folio to help them keep their paperwork in order.

Memorable Christmas Gifts

Touch your military person’s heart with memorable Christmas gifts this year.

magnificent Christmas gifts memory Book

  • Books of memories and events make fantastic Christmas gifts for military members. They can log their achievements, make comments about unique experiences, and even share their most intimate thoughts.
  • A traveler’s map is perfect for traveling service men and women. It enables them to mark the places they have been and those they hope to see, and it can be easily stored so it’ll still make a great display piece when he or she returns home.

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