Fun Christmas Facts from Around the Globe

Fun Christmas Facts from Around the Globe
Fun Christmas Facts from Around the Globe

Christmas in the United States is filled with stocking stuffing, gift giving, festive feasting, and good old holiday cheer. While most of us have become accustomed to tales of a jolly Santa and his flock of flying reindeer, kissing underneath the mistletoe, and of course, the naughty or nice list, people in other areas of the world might not be so understanding of our humble holiday ways. Then again, we may not be so quick to accept their idea of the Christmas holiday either. Are you ready to discover some of the most bizarre and fun  Christmas facts from around the world? Grab some of that spicy eggnog- you’re going to need it!

Festive Feasts Fists?

Ii is a Christmas tradition in a village in Peru, grudges from the previous year are wiped clean with a good old fashioned fist fight instead of Christmas gifts! That way they can start off the new year with a clean slate.Black Friday Danger

Newfoundland Caroling Mummers?

In Newfoundland, groups of people referred to as “mummers” get all dressed up in crude costumes and go door to door dancing and playing music. The goal is for the residents to identify their Christmas facts Mummer

Rockin’ Through Christmas?

The song, Wonderful Christmastime, that critics have dubbed Paul McCartney’s worst song ever earns almost one half million dollars each year!Santa claus in sunglasses holding guitar during christmas time

What’s Up Duck?

In Sweden, it has been a Christmas Eve tradition since 1960 for residents to watch Donald Duck Cartoons.donald-duck

Strange Holiday Greetings Anyone?

During the holiday season in 2010, Columbians covered trees throughout the jungle with motion sensing Christmas lights. When the guerrillas would approach, the trees would light up and signs would become visible that asked them to put down their arms. Interestingly enough, the strategy resulted in 331 re-entering society!Christmas greeting against christmas tree in snowy forest

Christmas is Fried in Japan

It is a very common tradition in Japan for residents to order KFC for Christmas dinner- all because of a really great marketing campaign more than 40 years ago!kentucky-fried-chicken


Keep checking back for more fun Christmas facts you won’t believe! Do you know of any weird holiday ways?


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