4 Gifts for Kids that Make Moms Cringe

4 Gifts for Kids that Make Moms Cringe
4 Gifts for Kids that Make Moms Cringe

There are lots of great gifts for kids that are wonderful learning tools, inspire creativity, and keep the little ones entertained for hours. Unfortunately, there are also a few toys that moms wish had never been invented. You know the ones I’m talking about. The annoying Christmas gifts and birthday presents we wish we could magically make disappear like all of those mismatched socks seem to in the dryer. Those irritating toys that we dream about burying in the garden while the kiddos are asleep. The ones we take the batteries out of when nobody is looking. These are the toys moms’ nightmares are made of!

1.     Electronic Noise Makers

noisy gifts for kids

Okay, so we’ll admit that sweet or funny little saying in a high-pitched electronic voice was cute the first time Timmy pushed the button on that furry little tummy. It might have even been okay the second and third time around. But after 500 times of hearing the same endless jabbering over and over, moms just want to grab the offending toy and toss it into the ocean!

2.     Building Sets with Tiny Pieces

mom annoyed with small toys

Although those cool building sets with hundreds of itty bitty pieces might seem like a nice, quiet way to help the kids learn, these toys can be a disaster. Five minutes after the box is opened, the pieces seem to sneak up underneath furniture and hide in the shadows of carpeting only to jump out at moms when it’s least expected. Like when you’re barefoot in the middle of the night, the house is dark, and the bathroom is calling your name, for instance. Unless puncture wounds are your thing, you might want to avoid these annoying Christmas gifts this year.

3.     Gifts with Glitter

glitter gifts for kids

It’s shiny! It sparkles! And it haunts every crack and crevice in your home for the rest of your life! That’s right- this magical material is actually nothing but a nuisance for moms. It is a nightmare to clean up, and it seems to have no preference for what it attaches itself to. That quick craft project you worked on ten years ago will leave its mark on your kitchen table, your floor, the curtains, and anything else that is even remotely nearby.

4.     Toy Instruments

So you want little Johnny to be the next musical prodigy, and that’s okay. But those toy instruments have to be some of the most annoying gifts for kids known to man (and moms). Just think about it: those drumsticks that bang on everything in sight (including other children) and suddenly become weapons of household destruction. The cute little tambourine that clanks and rattles in your ear while you’re having your morning coffee. And perhaps the most irritating gift of all- the evil recorder that sometimes emits sounds similar to “Mary Had a Little Lamb” but mostly just squeals off key and sends chills down your spine.


Now if you’re planning to buy annoying gifts for kids whose moms you hate, these products should top your list. Otherwise, calmly step away from the toy department and choose a book instead. Happy shopping!

Which gifts for kids annoy you the most? Tell us about them in the comments and be sure to share this article on Facebook so you don’t become the next victim of annoying presents this year!


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