The Most Unique Christmas Gifts for Dad in 2015

The Most Unique Christmas Gifts for Dad in 2015
The Most Unique Christmas Gifts for Dad in 2015

Put that ugly tie back on the rack, put your mittens back on, and calmly walk away from that superstore before you fall victim once again to becoming that person who offers ordinary gifts on Christmas morning. Let’s just be honest for a minute here- Dad can only use so many ties, and those unique pajamas are not so unique when he has 20 sets of them in his dresser. I know that the thought of buying unique Christmas gifts for Dad can be overwhelming, and I understand your frustration. Did you really think you were going to find extraordinary gifts for Dad at that crowded big box store anyway? Of course not. Deep down you already knew that the most unique Christmas gifts for Dad 2015 has to offer are available from specialty shops right here at, right? So go ahead and scrape the ice off of your windshield, head back to your cozy warm home, and let’s try this again. I’ll even make you a deal; since you’ve been so determined to find great Christmas gifts for Dad this year, I’ll help you out.

Here is a list of some of the most unique Christmas gifts for Dad that are certain to impress!

  • Flying LessonsSend Dad on the adventure of a lifetime this holiday season with an experience gift. There are so many exciting adventures available that Dad is certain to love, and if you can’t decide on the perfect one, present him with an experience gift certificate and let him choose. With everything from golf lessons with a PGA pro and hot air balloon rides to race car driving and flying a plane, there is an experience gift for dads with all types of dreams.
  • If your dad is a beer lover, check out the numerous beer of the month clubs we offer this holiday season. Dad will enjoy receiving domestic craft beers, international craft beers, unique beers, or a combination of all of the above each and every month. You can even choose how often and how long you would like your dad to receive his deliveries.
  • Personalized Magazine CoversFeature Dad on the cover of a fake magazine this Christmas! Simply upload your favorite photo of Dad, add a few of his personality traits or worldly accomplishments and voila- a fake magazine cover is created based on the theme you choose. If you are in a bind for a last minute gift for Dad this year, you even have the option of printing your magazine cover directly from your home computer.
  • Add a personalized touch to his man cave this year with personalized pub glasses, and exciting retro arcade machine, or one of a kind voice art.
  • Consider a unique cigar gift for those dads who appreciate premium, hand rolled cigars. We have an impressive selection of unique cigar gifts and humidors that are certain to impress that smoker in your life. Remember to check out our selection of monthly cigar clubs and give Dad a gift that keeps on giving.

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