Tis the Season for Christmas Shopping Tips

Tis the Season for Christmas Shopping Tips
Tis the Season for Christmas Shopping Tips

As the air begins to turn colder, I am finding myself wanting nothing more than to cozy up inside my home with a mug of hot cocoa and a good warm fire. Although I know that eventually I will have to go outside and brave the cold, the longer I can put that off the better as far as I am concerned. Maybe that’s why I am so excited about Christmas shopping this year? I mean, I always love to shop for Christmas gifts, but part of what makes it so appealing to me this year is that I plan to do it all from the cozy comfort of my own home, while dressed in my fuzzy winter pajamas! No more dashing through the snow, worrying about sliding around on the ice or shivering from those frigid winter winds! No more shuffling through stacks of gifts, fighting crowds, or standing in those hideous long lines at the department stores! And best yet? No more generic gifts. This year is going to be unique! This year, Christmasgifts.com is going to be my one stop shop for Christmas gifts.

If you are ready for a one of a kind Christmas shopping adventure, grab your coziest set of well worn pajamas and get your shopping list ready- I’ll put the cocoa on, and let’s get started!

Ideas for the Babies:

  • Personalized Day You were Born Print
  • Personalized Baby Photo Frame
  • Bear Hands Mittens

Ideas for the Younger Kids:The-Hobbit-An-Unexpected-Journey-Lego-Board-Game-from-Warner-Bros.

  • Remote Control toys (helicopters, cars and robots)
  • Personalized Storybook
  • Puzzle Name Stools
  • Personalized Dolls

Something Special for the Teenagers:

  • Musical Instruments
  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Lego Board Game
  • Tooks Headphone Beanie
  • iWatchz Q Collection watch strap for iPod Nano

Perfect for the Couples:

  • Personalized Photo Lamp
  • A Dinner Cruise
  • A Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Wine of the Month Subscription

Ideas for Mom:


  • Homemade gift basket filled with spa items, candles, a good book and a bath robe
  • Far Infrared Beauty and Pain Relief Devices
  • A musical Jewelry Box

Ideas for Dad:

  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Golf Lessons from a PGA Pro
  • A Guided City Tour of a fascinating city nearby

How to Shop for Christmas Gifts Online

  • Only shop through trusted websites. Unfortunately, a number of scammers prey on people during the holiday season, so before you divulge your payment information, be sure you are dealing with a real company.
  • Use PayPal or a prepaid credit card whenever possible. Using PayPal or a prepaid credit card lessens your risk substantially.
  • Make a list of everyone you intend to purchase gifts for, and jot down a few ideas for each person. While there is nothing wrong with impulse buying at Christmas time, having a few ideas ready might help you locate the things you are looking for a little more quickly.
  • Be sure to purchase age appropriate and skill appropriate gifts. After all, the baby probably doesn’t care about an iPod cover any more than the teenager on your list want’s a personalized story book.

Have you ever done your Christmas shopping completely online? If so, What was your experience? Do you plan to shop online this Christmas?

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