Staying Sane with the Best Unique Christmas Gifts

Staying Sane with the Best Unique Christmas Gifts
Staying Sane with the Best Unique Christmas Gifts

Well we’ve made it through Thanksgiving, Black Friday has come and gone, and Cyber Monday was in and out in a flash. Now it is time to relax and enjoy what is left of the holiday season, right? It’s a nice thought, anyway. If you are like millions of other Americans, however, the stress of upcoming holiday get-togethers, fighting the crowds of frantic shoppers as you search for the most unique Christmas gifts for family members and other loved ones, untangling miles of Christmas lights that end up not working the moment you get them put up, dealing with busy airports and joining an estimated 47 million drivers on the highways of America is starting to get to you. According to the American Psychology Association, a whopping 69 percent of Americans suffer from stress due to not feeling like they have enough time to complete their holiday preparations, 51 percent report feeling stressed out due to the pressures involved finding unique Christmas gifts, and 69 percent are stressed about the lack of money. In fact, Think Finance reports that 45 percent of Americans would rather skip the whole Christmas scene altogether.


Other stressors that accompany the holiday season include such things as over-commitment, overeating, drinking alcohol in excess, and missing loved ones. Unfortunately, an overabundance of stress during the holiday season can have very real consequences for Americans. In addition to the emotional issues that result from high stress levels, many people suffer physical health complications from too much stress as well.



Stay Sane With Unique Christmas Gifts for Yourself and Others


• Develop realistic expectations. There are going to be mishaps, misunderstandings and complications that occur during the holiday season. Expect them and even embrace them as events that create realistic holiday memories. Christmas ornament on treeChances are, nobody else is going to notice that Christmas tree ornament that is out of place, and it doesn’t really matter that you didn’t get the Christmas lights untangled in time.



• Delegate responsibilities. Many people feel that they have to take on all of the holiday preparations, gift giving, and decorating themselves and this can cause them to feel overwhelmed. Let the kids help decorate the tree, give everyone a budget and split up the holiday shopping list, and have a family housecleaning and decorating day to make your home ready for your holiday guests.



• Be realistic about your budget. If you can’t afford to buy everyone the gifts that you would like to offer, don’t fret. 8551937456_9f2c1544d3Instead give heartwarming Christmas cards with a handwritten note inside, lower the amount you will spend on holiday gifts for coworkers or distant friends, or consider making homemade gifts for your loved ones.



• Give yourself unique Christmas gifts as well. Relax and enjoy a nice bubble bath, read a few pages christmas-familyfrom that book you’ve been wanting to read, spend an evening with your significant other enjoying a good movie or nice dinner, or read a classic Christmas story to the kids.



• Eat right, get plenty of rest, and don’t be afraid to say no. Taking the proper measures to take care of yourself first will reduce the effects of stress significantly.


Do you Feel Stressed Out this Time of Year?


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