Reducing the Stress of Gifting: Employee Christmas Gift Tips

Reducing the Stress of Gifting: Employee Christmas Gift Tips
Reducing the Stress of Gifting: Employee Christmas Gift Tips

As the leaves on the trees begin to change colors and fall peacefully to the cool ground, and winter chill fills the air, I find myself overflowing with Christmas spirit. As I carefully review the names on my gift list, I am suddenly aware of the fact that I am once again faced with the challenge of finding meaningful employee Christmas gifts. While this challenge might be just enough to send a few Christmas shoppers straight into panic mode, I personally sit back, take a sip of my coffee, and enjoy the moment. After all, I’ve got this one covered! As I hum my favorite Christmas tunes, I think about how I have achieved such peace.

Throughout the Year

As I think back over the many years of gift giving that I have experienced, I become conscious of one of the most important factors that has helped me with the challenge of giving unique employee Christmas gifts. Planning. Many years ago, I discovered that the last minute Christmas rush is simply not for me. After all, who wants all the stress that comes with filled parking lots, massive crowds of frustrated shoppers, and empty store shelves?

Some tips that can help you plan the perfect Christmas gifts for employees include:

  • Pay attention! Observe the traits of your intended recipients, listen to the type of things they talk about, and try to think of gifts that might coincide with their personalities.
  • When possible, put the appropriate amount of money back into a savings account so you don’t get slammed with a multitude of expenses that empty your wallet.
  • Write it down! I don’t know how often I have found myself observing an employee and thinking about the perfect Christmas gift for them only to forget about it ten minutes later.
  • Pick up items throughout the year. By shopping early, you can relieve yourself of the pressure that so often comes with Christmas shopping.

That Special Gift

Personalized Coffee CupsOnce you have successfully planned your Christmas shopping endeavor, it’s time to begin the selection process. Whether you are interested in giving similar gifts to multiple employees, or you are planning to give unique items, here are a number of ideas that might fit your situation.

Do you have a number of employees who seem to exist solely due to coffee? Purchase a variety of large coffee mugs and fill them with small pouches of flavored coffee or coffee flavored candies. You might also consider giving gift certificates to a local coffee shop.

Is there a common interest that the employees share? Interests might include movies, sports or sports teams, or certain hobbies. Build gift baskets based on a common theme for more personal employee Christmas gifts.

Office Paperweight GiftThink about the work environment. If the employees have desk related jobs, you might consider personalized items like paperweights, picture frames, desk toys, or even desk calendars. If the employees use tools, you might think about giving unique tools or other equipment to make their jobs easier.

Gift certificates are typically enjoyed by everyone, after all, who doesn’t like free stuff? Think about certificates to restaurants, movies, or local shops.

What are some of the employee Christmas gifts you have given or received in the past? Do you have additional tips to make gifting easier? Let us know!

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