Creative Christmas Cash Gifts

Creative Christmas Cash Gifts
Creative Christmas Cash Gifts

When you just can’t think of any gift to get that hard to shop for person, sometimes cash is the easiest answer. However, most people want to give a gift that is well presented, maybe even a little funny. If cash is all you have to offer someone on your gift list this year, there are ways to “wrap it” so that the fun of gift getting is still there for your recipient. There really are some creative Christmas cash gift options out there.


Origami Money

An online search will get you tons of tutorials and how-to instructions on how to fold a bill of money into a cute and fun shape. These shapes can include the classic origami forms like frogs, swans, or even hearts.

Other money folding options include; rings, Christmas trees, stars, and wreaths. These fun shapes are sometimes placed on top of larger gifts, hung in clear Christmas ornaments, or a lot of single bills are folded and stuffed into a jar.

Tissue Boxes

A comical choice for giving money involves some scotch tape, a bunch of singles, and an empty tissue box. You tape the bills together, end to end and roll it up. Then, you push the roll into the tissue box and find the end to pull the first bill up through the top slightly. When the gift is “opened” your recipient pulls on the money and sees the long chain of singles.

Chocolate Boxes

Your sweet tooth might appreciate this next suggestion! Start by buying a box of chocolates. It doesn’t have to be an expensive box since you’re going to be eating the candy anyway. Keep the wrappers from the box and replace the chocolate with folded bills and some with coins. Then place the top on the box and wrap it as usual.

Money Umbrella

A cheap umbrella can make your Christmas gift memorable! A money umbrella is a fun way to give money to someone who might just be starting out. It’s a play on “For a Rainy Day.” Anyway, attach a string to the bills you want to present and tie the string to the spokes of the umbrella on the underside. When your recipient opens the umbrella, they are “showered” with money.

Snow covered

The Balloon Pop Game

This suggestion is for those who want to encourage a little fun this Christmas. Find a gift box and write on the lid, “pop to find a prize!” Then blow up a package of balloons. In some of the balloons shove a rolled bill inside and tie it up. Leave some balloons empty to keep the recipient guessing. This game is a fun way to get kids involved in a gift exchange. If you don’t mind a little ruckus, then give this gift option a try!

Everybody can use some money. As a matter of fact, some people prefer cash as a gift because of its versatility. If you need to give money this holiday season, these creative Christmas cash gifts will let you feel like you are still being creative.

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