It’s Almost Christmas Giveaway!

It’s Almost Christmas Giveaway!
It’s Almost Christmas Giveaway!

We are having another amazing christmas giveaway. You can be the lucky winner to receive this Gourmet Cutting Board Gift Set set by Send thoughts of warm California breezes, golden oaks and lazy afternoons with this very special California Delicious wood cutting board gift. Enjoy creamy Sonoma Jacks cheese, Three Cheese sourdough crackers, Nunes Farms roasted fancy nuts, Napa Valley hot and sweet mustard, chocolate chip cookies, California dried fruits and nuts, Marich chocolate covered cherries, Viva Sonoma biscotti and California Rail fruit candies. All this plus a wood handle cheese knife make your California picnic complete.

Here’s how to Win

1. Share the contest on Twitter.

2. Go to and choose a product you like.

3. Scroll down to the comment box under the product.

5. Type in your answer to this question in the comment box: What is your favorite Christmas Gift on and why?

6. Copy and Paste your comment also on Facebook here


Additional Rules

  1. Contest is open to residents of the United States only.
  2. You must have a valid email address.
  3. Duplicate Entries will be disqualified.
  4. Last day to enter is Sun, December 20th, 2015 at 11:59PM EST
  5. Winner will be drawn at random.

Recent Comments

  1. I picket the Fruit basket, I like to give healthy or handmade gifts I think that is more appreciate

  2. I like the word art coffee mug because it’s super fun!

  3. Shared on twitter and commented on fb!

    Whoever wins is very lucky 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  4. The Godiva chocolate gift basket is awesome. I would love it because Godiva makes the best chocolates.

  5. This offering is my favorite and I would be so happy to win it.

  6. What I s my favorite gift from their site? That would be the Master’s Series Wine Club. I really do enjoy wine. And food. Wine makes a lot foods taste even better. I wish someone would give me wine as gifts. I hint.. and hint…

  7. After visiting the website, my favorite Christmas gift would be the Capresso Coffee Team TS. The reason this is my favorite is because my husband LOVES coffee, and this would be the perfect gift for him. He would love the cup settings and strength settings. He is a truck driver, so he always ends up making a big pot of coffee so he can take it with him when he drives.


  9. My favorite item after exploring the site is the Ornament Storage boxes! It would definitely help by making sure ornaments won’t break.

  10. I would definately choose the Dinner Gift Of The Month Club. I would love to give this to my dad. I know he would love it because he loves trying a variety of different foods.

  11. I love the fruit basket! Very nice.

  12. My favorite is the Word Art Coffee Mug because I love clear coffee mugs.

  13. the gift baskets are always nice for the holidays1

  14. I shared on Twitter 🙂

  15. looove Godiva!

  16. No question, Cheese of the Month Club. Why? Hello it’s cheese.

  17. Contented Yoga Frog Garden Sculpture

  18. I like the Lavender Bath & Body Basket

  19. Tweeted:
    I Choose the Fruit Basket
    Commented under the Fruit basket post
    My favorite is the Fruit Basket because everyone loves fruit and it’s sure to please anyone.
    Commented on facebook:{%22tn%22%3A%22R0%22}

  20. Godiva® Chocolate Gift Basket because I am a total chocolate addict!!

  21. Julie Murphy
    December 18, 2015 at 3:56 am

    my favorite is the pizza gift. You can’t go wrong with pizza.

  22. I shared on twitter. I would love any gift basket that you have!! Love love love gift baskets! Thank you for the contest!

  23. My favorite Christmas Gift on is NY Pizza of the Month Club because we live in a rural area in PA that really has no real pizza. I would love to win a month because if its real NY style taste then I will be subscribing for more months1

  24. iwould love to win this prize

  25. Dinner gift of the month. I really love the idea of this . it’s different and fun to look forward to!

  26. I love the fruit basket – Yummy!


    My favorite is the Dinner Gift Of The Month Club because almost anyone would enjoy this!

  28. I love this Starbucks Fireside Holiday Gift because I love Starbucks!!

  29. I would love the Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club. I love cheese, there are always several types of it in my fridge on a regular basis.

  30. Who wouldn’t love to get to NY style pizzas delivered fresh to them every month! What a mouth watering gift.

  31. At I just LOVE Godiva® Chocolate Gift Basket! What can I say… I just love chocolate! Especially Godiva Chocolate!

  32. I like the fruit gift basket, i need to eat healthy!!

  33. Personalized World Traveler’s Map is my favorite because it is unique.

    Tweeted – @HollyThomas61

  34. My mother collects frogs and I have never seen this one before. I have to get her the Contented Yoga Frog Garden Sculpture.

  35. I love the Bath and Body Gift Of The Month Club! I’d love that!

  36. Definitely the Executive Gift Basket!!!!!
    Shared on fb and twitter!

  37. It would have to be the Godiva® Chocolate Gift Basket. I love chocolate and especially Godiva.

  38. The exclusive gift basket is my fave. I can’t believe how much stuff they pack into it.

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