How is Christmas Celebrated Around the World?

How is Christmas Celebrated Around the World?
How is Christmas Celebrated Around the World?

It is Christmas Eve, and many of us have our trees put up and decorated, our stockings hung by the fireplace, our candy set out for our loved ones to enjoy. This is how Christmas looks in most homes in the United States these days. But have you ever wondered how Christmas is celebrated around the world? I have done a little research on this very subject, and you will never believe some of the traditions I discovered! If you have a few minutes, grab a mug of cocoa and check it out.




In the land down under, things are a little different around the holiday season. Not only are BBQ dinners a popular thing when it comes to a Christmas feast, but Santa seems to favor kangaroos instead of reindeer around there. (what would Rudolph think?) When he is not flying through the sky with his team of magical roos, Santa is said to be seen sailing in on a surf board!



It is a good idea to get your wheels checked before the holidays in Venezuela- on your roller skates I mean- because all of the city streets in Caracas are closed off to motor vehicles after 8:00am from December 16th to December 24th so that everyone can skate to mass.


Spain and Germany

If you live in Spain, Germany, or a few other countries around the area, you might be in quite a pickle around Christmas. It is a tradition there to hide a pickle in the Christmas tree and it is said that the first person to find the pickle is the most observant and he or she receives an extra gift.



As a Japanese resident, you had better have your KFC ordered ahead of time. In Japan it is a custom to order fried chicken for the holiday feast, and it is often accompanied by a cake for dessert. Although only 1 percent of Japanese people are Christian, marketing has made this a really popular thing throughout the country.


How do you celebrate the season?


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