Goodie Baskets Make Great Christmas Gifts

Goodie Baskets Make Great Christmas Gifts
Goodie Baskets Make Great Christmas Gifts

As the leaves begin falling from the trees and a chill replaces the warmth or summer, I can no longer deny that Christmas is just around the corner. Excitement fills my heart as I anticipate giving unique meaningful gifts to my friends and family. This moment is usually when the anxiety would have hit me in years past. I can remember wandering aimlessly throughout store after store in an attempt to find that perfect gift for my more challenging recipients. Some years, I actually broke to the pressure and purchased gifts that were a little less personal just to be done with it all. As I sip my coffee and evaluate my Christmas list this year, however, a gentle peace comes over me. This year, I have the perfect plan that will enable me to present unique gifts to even the hardest to buy for people on my list. I’ll simply create Christmas gift goodie baskets.

Prepare to Give

The beautiful thing about Christmas gift goodie baskets is that they don’t require a large amount of money, and can be completely personalized to please even the toughest hum bugs on your list. In order to relieve yourself from some of the stress involved with last minute shopping, however, if you are considering creating goodie baskets this year, preparation is the key. Here are a few tips that might help you along the way:

  • Pay special attention to key features of each individual’s personality, hobbies, and needs in order to maximize your creativity.
  • Make notes throughout the year to help you remember ideas.
  • Pick up a variety of items each time you go shopping, if you can afford it. This will not only help you be prepared with a variety of gifts, but it will help ease the pain on your pocket book as well.
  • Watch for unique gift baskets and other types of containers. Second hand stores and crafts stores can be a great location to find these.

Unique Christmas Gift Goodie Basket Ideas

  • Christmas Coloring PlacematFor the younger child: If you have little ones on your list this year, you might stock up on coloring books, art supplies, stickers, and small puzzles for their baskets. I picked up some sand bucket kits at the end of the season, and filled them with small shovels and other items. The kids loved playing in the snow with their new buckets and shovels.
  • Teenagers: Although teenagers are a little more challenging to buy for, a gift basket can still be successful. Consider things like makeup, hairstyling items, and body lotions or sprays for girls. Boys might enjoy cologne, shaving accessories, movies, and video games and accessories.
  • Christmas Gift Basket ClassicCollege students: Since many college students are struggling to make ends meet, most will appreciate care packages that contain necessities, gift-certificate booklets to the movies or their favorite restaurant, or even a variety of snacks for those long nights of studying.
  • Movie watchers: Fill a unique container with movies, microwaveable popcorn, and a warm throw for those chilly winter nights.
  • Coffee drinkers: Create Christmas gift goodie baskets filled with flavored coffees, creamers, and a mug or two.
  • Sports fanatics: Combine items related to a specific sport or team.

As you can see, the list of unique ideas could be endless. If you have more ideas for great Christmas gift goodie baskets we would love to hear about them!

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