Christmas Gifts for Girlfriends- Just in the Nick of Time

Christmas Gifts for Girlfriends- Just in the Nick of Time
Christmas Gifts for Girlfriends- Just in the Nick of Time

Baby it’s cold outside, and unless you want to be stuck out in the dog house this Christmas, now would be a good time to think about purchasing those last minute Christmas gifts for your girlfriend. You went through this last year, and you swore that you wouldn’t do it again. But here we are- just a few short weeks away from Christmas, and you’ve found yourself, once again, empty handed.

I know, I know- you absolutely dread battling the frantic crowds at the shopping mall, and you feel really awkward browsing through all of those specialty shops downtown. I completely understand. But you’ve got to get her something for Christmas, and although new spark plugs or a toolbox might go over okay with some of your male friends this holiday season, those probably aren’t the best choices when it comes to last minute Christmas gifts for your girlfriend.

If you’re having trouble thinking of unique or thoughtful last minute Christmas gifts for your girlfriend, and you would rather avoid the crowds and chaos at the local stores, you have come to the right place. has everything you need, and you never even have to leave home. In order to make your Christmas shopping adventure even more simple this holiday season, we enlisted the help of a few Christmas elves who are experts in finding last minute Christmas gifts for girlfriends, and they have brought you some really great ideas!

  • Create unforgettable moments for your girlfriend this holiday season, and give her an experience gift. With thousands of experiences to choose from, and everything from wine tours, spa treatments and dinner cruises to race car driving and flying a plane, there is certain to be something that she will love. If all of these choices seem overwhelming or you simply can’t decide which experience gift to select, you can even purchase an experience gift certificate and let her decide for herself!
  • Order an “of the month club” membership, and give her a gift that reminds her each and every month how much she means to Half-Dozen-Gourmet-Dipped-Swizzled-Strawberriesyou. Choose from gourmet treats, fresh fruits, wondrous wines, and much, much more, and a new selection of the month will be delivered right to her home or office each month for as long as you decide.
  • Put her photo on the cover of her very own fake magazine this Christmas, and show her that her magnificence is making headlines! There are a wide variety of magazine cover templates available, you can customize all the headlines to make them relevant to her personality, and you can even include an exclusive back cover feature that includes more personalized headlines and information, additional photos or your own personal message! Order a printed version and add a frame, coffee mug or other accessories, or if you are in a real rush, download the magazine cover you create and print it right from your own home!
  • Consider a gift basket filled with chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate dipped pretzels, or other luscious goodies for one of your last minute Christmas gifts for your girlfriend this year. With such a variety of gourmet food gift baskets available, you are certain to find something she will love.

Why do you think many men do their Christmas shopping at the last minute?

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