Creative Housewarming Gifts for People with Tiny Houses

Creative Housewarming Gifts for People with Tiny Houses
Creative Housewarming Gifts for People with Tiny Houses

It’s not easy buying creative housewarming gifts for loved ones who have joined the tiny house trend. The whole idea, after all, is to downsize and make things more simple. If your loved one just recently went through the de-clutter mission of a lifetime, the last thing you want to do is add to the space-saving challenge. If your heart is set on buying a unique housewarming gift for your recipient’s tiny home, however, there are a few things we’re sure will be a hit!


Space-Saving Gifts to Help them Stay Organized

Tiny house success greatly depends on organization, so creative housewarming gifts that are designed to help them keep things in order are a great idea. Consider creative housewarming gifts like organizers to keep their cords and accessories put away, easy-change frames to make rotating their favorite photos a breeze, or maybe a tiny accent table with storage inside!

Cord Organizer unique Christmas gifts

Creative Housewarming Gifts with a Purpose

Downsizing means getting rid of things that are not useful or necessary. While giving items that have a single purpose is okay, offering unique gifts with multiple purposes is even better. Consider creative kitchen gadgets, multipurpose tools, and 2-in-1 type items this year.

SpiraLife Handheld Vegetable Spiralizer & Zucchini Pasta Maker

Creative Housewarming Gifts for the Great Outdoors

In most cases, tiny house owners have way more room outside than in. Instead of concentrating on housewarming presents for your loved one’s small space, expand your horizons and consider outside gifts! Cool gardening supplies, flowers and plants, and deck or patio decor are all wonderful ideas.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Consumables

When saving space is important, consider giving gifts like gift baskets filled with gourmet treats or fresh fruits, monthly clubs with food, wine or beer, or even gift certificates for a night out on the town!

creative housewarming gifts

Could you ever downsize to a tiny house? What would be the most important items you would bring?


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