Boys Christmas Gifts

Boys Christmas Gifts
Boys Christmas Gifts

It’s that time of year again! The Christmas tree is up, the decorations are placed, and most of your shopping is done. All you have left is to get a gift for your son. Sounds easy enough, right? Boys are supposed to be simple, but it can be a lot harder to shop for them than you think. Don’t get your stockings in a bunch, however. There are plenty of boys Christmas gifts right here to ensure that you get your son the perfect gift this season!

Xtreme-Street-Tuner-1-24-Electric-Toyota-SupraGifts for Gamers

Boys that like video games are sure to love the variety that’s on the market today. There are tons of options out there! From the smaller hand held video game options to full size gaming consoles, there’s sure to be something out there for him!

  • Gaming consoles are essential for any gamer. If you don’t have a console, you can’t play video games! Luckily the latest consoles just came out, so pick one up for your little gamer today!
  • If your boy loves video games, chances are he’ll be a big fan of first person shooter games, and these types of games improve multi-tasking and hand eye coordination skills too! If you think first person shooter games are too violent, however, there are plenty of less violent types of games out there for your young gun!
  • Hand held systems are great for on the go gaming! Got a road trip planned? Just give your boy a hand-held console and some games and he’ll be entertained for hours!

Trinkets for Tinkerers

Let’s face it. Most boys enjoy building things, taking things apart, and just seeing how things work. Getting your boy something he can take apart or build is a wonderful idea, especially if you don’t want him taking apart your vacuum!

  • There are a number of model cars, robots, and airplanes that make great boys Christmas gifts, and they’re wonderful for that lad who just can’t keep his hands off of things!
  • Getting your little one a kid-friendly tool-kit is a great idea, also. He can ‘work’ along-side dad and pretend he’s fixing things too!
  • Building sets are great fun! Look for sets that are character themed or movie themed for the greatest impact.

Stuff for your Sporty boy

Harry-Potter-Kids-Quidditch-Helmet-from-Warner-Bros.We all know kids need to get outside and play more, so it’s a delight when our young ones want to go out and play. Play, by itself, can be rather boring however, so purchase these boys Christmas gifts to encourage outdoor playtime!

  • Scooters; kids love them, and they’ve been around for generations. What’s more fun than propelling yourself along at speeds you can’t reach on your own two feet? Just don’t forget the helmet and elbow pads!
  • Foam dart guns can keep your little boy entertained for hours on end. Grab your child a foam dart gun and maybe even a target or two. Maybe you can even join in on the fun too!
  • Basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls, and foot balls can make great Christmas gifts for boys. If your child is in to sports, a gift like this is sure to be a winner, and they encourage family activities as well!

Do you have more creative gift ideas for boys? We’d love to hear about them!

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