The 12 Days of Christmas with a Modern Touch

The 12 Days of Christmas with a Modern Touch
The 12 Days of Christmas with a Modern Touch

We all know the song, “On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me….” This classic Christmas song is everywhere during the holiday season. The 12 days of Christmas countdown is a charming and creative way to celebrate the arrival of Christmas. Although the classic items are old fashioned, they’re surprisingly not hard to find in today’s digital world. Believe it or not, with the help of Youtube and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon you can give your true love the 12 Days of Christmas with a modern touch. Not to mention a creative slant.

These 12 Days of Christmas suggestions and puns will make for a unique Christmas gifts tradition for Christmases to come!

12 days of Christmas tree

The First Day of Christmas Gifts Idea

A partridge in a pear tree with a modern touch:

  • A potted pear tree.
  • Pear scented body sprays and soaps.
  • A fruit of the Month Gift Club subscription.
  • Family tree photo frame.

Obviously, the partridge is missing from its pear tree, but you can still give a Christmas gift that everyone will associate with the classic Christmas carol.

The Second Day of Christmas Gifts Idea

Two turtle doves with a modern touch:

  • “Dove” brand chocolate candy.
  • Chocolate turtle candy,
  • Dove themed jewelry or Christmas ornaments.

Candy is always a great pun to play off of for the 12 Days of Christmas. Don’t be afraid to find your own creative pair gift this year. Even consider unique couples Christmas gifts with this verse added somewhere on the card. You’re bound to get a smile.

The Third Day of Christmas Gifts Ideas

Three French hens with a modern touch:

  • A French cookbook (so your true love can know how to roast three French hens.)
  • Serve chicken for supper. (Cooking for a lady is always an appreciated Christmas gift.)

The Fourth Day of Christmas Gifts Ideas

Birds wouldn’t be very practical Christmas gift by today’s standards, but you can play a pun off the fourth gift.

Four calling birds with a modern touch:

  • Cell phone accessories (cases, charging cords, extra battery packs.)
  • Toy bird whistles.

The Fifth Day of Christmas Gifts Ideas

Five golden rings with a modern touch:

  • Ring Pop Candies (five of them of course.)
  • Five round doughnuts from a favorite shop.
  • Serve onion rings with supper.

“Five golden rings” is one 12 days gift that never goes out of style. You could always stick to the traditional gold rings, but isn’t it more fun to offer a cute holiday treat instead?

The Sixth Day of Christmas Gifts Ideas

Again geese aren’t a modern gift, but you could have a lot of fun with eggs for this Christmas gift.

Six geese a-laying with a modern touch:

  • Chocolate candy eggs.
  • Plastic eggs filled with candy or small trinkets.
  • Goose down filled Christmas gifts for your home (comforters, pillows, coats.)

The Seventh Day of Christmas Gifts Ideas

Seven swans a-swimming with a modern touch:

  • Origami cranes.
  • Download The Ugly Duckling to an e-reader.
  • Watch your favorite version of Swan Lake.

The Eighth Day of Christmas Gifts Ideas

Unless you live in dairy country, this Christmas gift is also very old-fashioned. You can use puns and cow printed gifts if that fits your sense of humor.

Eight maids a-milking with a modern touch:

  • A carton of milk with your true love’s favorite cookie or a small box of cereal.
  • Milkmaid brand caramels.
  • A cow gag gift.

The Ninth Day of Christmas Gifts Ideas

Surprisingly coming up for fun and cute ideas for the ninth day is easier than you might think.  It is also easier if you have a young lady in your life who enjoys dancing.

Nine ladies dancing with a modern touch:

  • Pay for dancing lessons.
  • Dancing class paraphernalia. (shoes, tutus, gym bag)
  • Watch a favorite ballet or dance themed movie.
  • Gift a pair of tickets to a live ballet or dance performance.

The Tenth Day of Christmas Gifts Ideas

Ten lords a-leaping with a modern touch:

  • Download a famous Lord’s work like Lord Byron to an e-reader.
  • Download the Lord of the Rings Trilogy to an e-reader.
  • Tickets to an all male dance troupe’s performance.

As you can see “ten lords a-leaping” is a great pun just waiting to happen. Embrace the “punny” and have fun with your tenth day of Christmas!

The Eleventh Day of Christmas Gifts Ideas

If you have a cake decorator to shop for, use this verse as a fun pun in the Christmas card. It is a smart and cute way to offer tools to a cake designer’s trade.

Eleven pipers piping with a modern touch::

  • Add some flute music to your playlist that day.
  • Gift a pan pipe.
  • Gift a cake decorating set to that young baker.

The Twelfth Day of Christmas Gifts Ideas

Don’t worry you don’t have to go the literal route with twelve drummers, for one thing; your neighborhood may never forgive you. However use some cute puns and Christmas entertainment to fit the bill.

Twelve drummers drumming with a modern touch:

  • Watch or listen to anything regarding the classic Little Drummer Boy.
  • Add some drum music to your playlist that day.
  • Gift a drum of popcorn.
  • Tickets to a favorite band’s concert.

A Classic with a Modern Twist

The 12 Days of Christmas is a fun and playful Christmas gifts tradition. You don’t have to present an actual gift, but plan an activity such as a concert, or playing a mp3 in the background while you cook supper. It’s all about getting into the holiday spirit and counting down to Christmas once again!

12 days of Christmas countdown

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