Super Elf Strikes Back with the Tackiest Christmas Gifts of All Time

Super Elf Strikes Back with the Tackiest Christmas Gifts of All Time
Super Elf Strikes Back with the Tackiest Christmas Gifts of All Time

We’re always hearing about those amazing “WOW” Christmas gifts that bring tears of joy and deep inner happiness to our loved ones, but what about those awful, terrible, gaudy and repulsive presents they receive? What about those “givers” who have the tackiest Christmas gift ideas we can imagine? We think it’s time we took the time to acknowledge the true gifting heroes in our lives! The ones who dare to give the unacceptable! We think it’s time that Super Elf strikes back with some of the weirdest, most unacceptable Christmas gift ideas of 2016.

Ideas for the Tackiest Christmas Gifts Ever

Let’s face it, we all have that wonderful Aunt Betty, who tries so hard to make people happy each Christmas, and ends up giving really corny Christmas gifts in spite of herself. But what about those mischievous friends and relatives that find it funny to give terrible gifts? Super Elf says it’s time to get them back this Christmas! Check out these ideas for some good old fashioned holiday revenge!

The Abominable Christmas Sweater

Perfect for the fashion fanatic, the abominable sweater MUST be worn all day on Christmas. In addition to featuring a very large depiction of a Christmas character, it must be way too small, very uncomfortable material, and include a note about how much it means for your recipient to wear it! Be sure to pair this with wine and cigar gifts– your loved one will need to relax after this!

tackiest christmas sweater

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Used Lottery Tickets

Great Christmas gifts for men and women aike, these must be wrapped eccentrically, and a note should be enclosed explaining that although all of the tickets lost, it’s the thought that counts! One of those little ticket scratcher gadgets is a wonderful addition!

lottery-tackiest christmas gifts

The Infamous Mis-Wrapped

For the macho man in your life, wrap an amazing power tool box or something really manly, but fill the box with a Barbie doll, a fluffy pink stuffed toy instead or other sweet Christmas gifts for kids. (You can always wrap his “real” gift and give it to him after the laughter dies down!)

hippo-tackiest christmas gifts

For the Cheapskate

These tacky chocolate Christmas gifts must be prepared well in advance. Save a box from some fancy chocolates for a few years until you’re sure the expiration date is over with, and then fill it with new chocolates. Be sure to take a bite from each one, and include a note that says “I’ve been saving these for years just for you”!

chocolate-tackiest christmas-gifts

What are the tackiest Christmas gifts you know of? Let’s hear it! It’s time for revenge!

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