Should You Buy Christmas Gifts This Year: The Great Debate

Should You Buy Christmas Gifts This Year: The Great Debate
Should You Buy Christmas Gifts This Year: The Great Debate

Millions of people all over the world buy Christmas gifts for their friends, neighbors, family members and coworkers every year. Tight economical times and the quest for simplicity, however, have caused many consumers to reevaluate the need for holiday presents. In fact, the whole debate over gift-giving during the Christmas season has caused a ruckus that has reached epic proportions in recent years.

As a child, I remember the excitement the holiday season brought. There was so much generosity in the air! Everywhere I looked, it seemed, people were searching for ways to give to those they cared about. Although I was too young to actually buy Christmas gifts, I found other ways to give presents. Sometimes I would make homemade Christmas gifts, ornaments and cards. Other times, I would select a few of my most treasured belongings and re-gift them to my friends and family members. (Of course my favorite aunt Nancy would LOVE to have my beloved worn and tattered teddy bear!)

Why People Are Choosing Not to Buy Christmas Gifts And What the Elves Have to Say About It

I never thought I would see the day when people actually bragged about NOT giving Christmas gifts! For me, and many of Santa’s other helpers, this was like a nightmare before Christmas came true. Those who choose not to buy Christmas gifts may actually have very valid reasons, however. Out of curiosity, we’ve decided to take a look at why some people do not buy presents at Christmastime. Next, we asked the elves for some good old fashioned gift-giving advice.

Argument #1: Financial Reasons

Many people have found themselves struggling financially in recent years. Despite wanting to buy Christmas gifts for their loved ones, they simply cannot afford it. As a result, many consumers skip the entire Christmas shopping tradition.

What the Elves Had to Say

You don’t need to go into debt every year trying to buy expensive Christmas gifts for everyone you know. In fact, sometimes simpler, more thoughtful gifts make a much bigger impact. When money is tight during the holidays, consider gifts that come from the heart instead of your wallet!  Creative homemade gift baskets filled with a few inexpensive items are a great idea.

Argument #2: Stress

As the holidays approach, people everywhere scatter in a frenzied panic to buy Christmas gifts for everyone on their lists. Malls become jam-packed with desperate shoppers. Toy aisles become chaotic. Traffic can be horrific. And the winter weather can be almost unbearable in many places. As a result, people get stressed out, and many simply give up.

What the Elves Had to Say

It’s no wonder people become so overwhelmed trying to buy Christmas gifts each year! Fortunately, there are a number of wonderful ways consumers can shop for Christmas and avoid all the crazy holiday hooplah. Online shopping, shopping early, and buying Christmas gifts a little at a time can help minimize all of that stress associated with the holiday madness.

Argument #3: Materialism

Many consumers argue that buying Christmas gifts is materialistic. They often say that the holiday season has transformed from a season of giving to a season of spending. These people are frequently worried that buying Christmas gifts takes the focus away from the true meaning of Christmas.

buy Christmas gifts that are thoughtful

What the Elves Had to Say

The elves agree. Material items should not be the focus of Christmas. But whether you choose to buy Christmas gifts, make them yourself, or give gifts of time or assistance, the point is to GIVE. If you take the time to select presents that truly mean something to your recipient, materialism isn’t an issue at all.

Argument #4: True Needs

Anti-Christmas gifts crowds often say that people have more important needs than gifts. They feel that giving Christmas gifts minimizes the real problems that may people face, like hunger, pain, loneliness and poverty.

Buy Christmas gifts that make a difference

What the Elves Had to Say

Consumers should build upon these beliefs to create Christmas gift ideas that truly make a difference. Examples include:

  • Donate to a special charity in the name of your loved one. Be sure to send your recipient a Christmas card and a note with all of the details!
  • Buy warm blankets, coats and other clothing for people who may be struggling to stay warm when the winter winds blow.
  • Give extra food and supplies to your local pantry.
  • Give yourself for Christmas! Spend time with that lonely lady down the road. Help that single dad with carpools or weekend babysitting. Team-up with your neighbors and decorate everybody’s home for the holidays.
  • Buy Christmas gifts for the kids in that struggling family who is barely making ends meet.

Argument #5: Unnecessary Clutter

Tiny houses are threatening to overtake the nation (sort of). And popular TV shows on various channels focus on overcrowded houses filled with clutter. Many people who argue against buying Christmas gifts say that they are just unnecessary items that needlessly take up space.

What the Elves Had to Say

You don’t have to buy large, glamorous gifts to demonstrate your love and generosity during the holidays. If you’re concerned about buying Christmas gifts that will simply take up space in the back of somebody’s closet, you’ll just need to shop a little more wisely this year. Instead of buying gifts just to give something, select items that serve a purpose. There are tons of cool gadgets and mounds of functional accessories that are designed to make life simpler- and most don’t take up much space at all. Additionally, you can always give experience gifts!

Will You Buy Christmas Gifts this Year? Join the Great Debate!

Do you plan to give Christmas gifts in 2017? Will you focus on making creative presents for those you love? Maybe helping out at a local gift drive for kids, the local homeless shelter, or donating to a food pantry is more your style. Or perhaps you’ll choose to buy thoughtful Christmas presents to touch the hearts of those you love?

Tell us your thoughts about buying, giving and receiving Christmas gifts, and be sure to share this with your friends to find out how they feel about gift-giving during the holidays.


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