Helping Kids Understand the Gift of Giving

Helping Kids Understand the Gift of Giving
Helping Kids Understand the Gift of Giving

As a child, there aren’t many things more exciting than opening presents on Christmas morning. The gift of giving, however, is probably the best present anyone, including kids, can receive. Teaching your kids to reach out to others who are in need is it’s a magnificent way to create a more charitable society in the future and it instills kindness and generosity in children’s hearts that will last a lifetime. With all of the goodwill and Christmas spirit that surrounds us during the holiday season, there is no better time to begin helping kids learn what it feels like to give.


Receiving the Gift of Giving

There are a lot of benefits to teaching your children to be givers at a young age. When a child experiences the magnificent emotional reward that comes with making someone else happy, he will be more apt to make a difference in others’ lives as an adult. He or she develops a stronger self-esteem, the courage to initiate change, and compassion for those in need.



Kids Can Make a Difference Too

Children are never too young to learn the priceless gift of giving. Even as toddlers, kids can participate in a wide variety of activities that enable them to understand how wonderful it can be to “help out”. Are you ready to begin teaching your children how to give this holiday season? We’ve put together a few tips and suggestions to guide you along the way.

  • Start small and choose a project that can quickly or easily be completed.
  • Help your child go through old toys that he or she no longer wants and gather them up to donate at a local shelter or used toy drive. Be sure your child understands that these things will be given to children in need.
  • Have your child help you prepare cookies or other holiday treats and deliver them to the elderly couple down the street.
  • Visit the local animal shelter and donate pet supplies or even you and your child’s time.
  • Have your child choose someone from the Angel Tree Program in your community, and let him or her help you select the gifts.
  • Spend some time with your child at a nursing home in your area.
  • Help your child select a charity to donate to in lieu of one of his or her gifts.


How will you help your child understand the gift of giving this holiday season?


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