Great Gifts for Labor Day

Great Gifts for Labor Day
Great Gifts for Labor Day

Labor Day gifts are a classy way to celebrate the achievements of American Workers and to honor your employees, coworkers and party hosts and hostesses. With your busy schedule, however, finding the most unique Labor Day gifts can be tough- especially if your are on a budget. To save you from spending hours in search of just the right gifts, the elves have been extra busy creating a collection of Labor Day gift ideas to delight everyone on your list.


Labor Day Gifts That Won’t Break Your Wallet

Labor Day, the unofficial last day of summer, often means an extended weekend filled with family, friends and coworkers, bountiful backyard barbecues, and lazy days at the lake or beach. Before you head off to that fun-filled celebration, consider these great Labor Day gifts to show your appreciation.


Labor Day Gifts for Coworkers or EmployeesCorporate-Extravaganza-Gift-Basket

Show your coworkers and employees how much you appreciate their accomplishments with delightful Labor Day gift baskets for all. Choose from delicious gourmet treats, unique handmade chocolate creations, fabulous fruits and so much more. Be sure to check out the Corporate Extravaganza Gift Basket or the Executive Gift Basket which are perfect for large groups to share.


Labor Day Gifts for Someone SpecialExperience_gift

Encourage that special someone to escape the daily grind and enjoy a wonderful adventure with an experience gift this year. With everything from pampering spa experiences, intimate cruises or city tours to daring adventures like race car driving or flying a plane, our collection of experience gifts has something for everyone. If you are having trouble deciding which adventure to give, present your loved one with a gift certificate and let him or her select the adventure instead.


Labor Day Gifts for Hosts and HostessesThe International Beer Club

Honor the host or hostess of your Labor Day celebration with unique housewarming gifts to brighten up the home. Choose from charming decor to add character to the patio or garden, or add a personal touch to the interior with personalized photo frames to display pictures of your memorable Labor Day event. If you are considering a housewarming gift to add excitement to the party, be certain to check out a monthly gift or beer or wine and maybe you’ll even be invited back each month to taste the newest selection!


Do you have other creative ideas for Labor Day gifts? Let us know, and don’t forget to share us on Facebook.



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