Funny Christmas Sweaters: It’s Time to Get Your Ugly On!

Funny Christmas Sweaters: It’s Time to Get Your Ugly On!
Funny Christmas Sweaters: It’s Time to Get Your Ugly On!

Get your bah-humbug in check this Christmas and do away with any negative feelings about holiday cheer! It turns out that horribly ugly Christmas sweater Aunt Martha bought you 15 years ago is good for something after all. In fact, these items have become quite the groovy thing for fun celebrations during the holiday season. That’s right. You know- that one you have stashed just in case there is some frigidly cold winter and you become desperate for something to wear. Oh- you mean you tossed it to the curb? Well then, NEVER FEAR! Super Elf is back with just what you need to get your ugly on for those upcoming holiday celebrations.

Before we see what Super Elf has in store, however, there are a few things you should know about the whole ugly sweater tradition. You grab a mug of that amazing eggnog while I straighten my cape. I’ll meet you at the “where in the world did this idea come from” section below.

Where in the World Did This Idea Come From?

According to ancient elf legend, the whole idea of ugly, funny Christmas sweaters began long before Aunt Martha was even a twinkle in her daddy’s eyes. TIME Magazine says the trend began in the ’80s with Bill Cosby as the culprit. But the elves say it happened long, long ago.

ugly christmas sweater

While there is a rockin’ revival going on that is destined to introduce some of the newest old Christmas fashions, however, Parade tells a different story altogether. They say a party at the turn of the new millennium changed the future of ugly Christmas sweaters for good.

millennium ugly Christmas sweater

Whatever the truth, raiding your grandma’s closet just may not be enough to help you keep up with the ugly Christmas sweater phenomenon, though. In fact, even the Grinch says it could just leave you Scrooged!


Fortunately, the “force” just might be with you this year. Yoda has found the perfect place to shop for HIS Christmas attire.

yoda ugly Christmas sweaterAre you ready to find the ugliest funny Christmas sweaters there are to shock all of your friends, family members, and long lost Grinches?

Where Do you Find The Best Ugly Christmas Sweater?

At Ugly Sweaters of course. They have a magnificent selection of some of the tackiest, ugliest, most horrible funny sweaters on the planet! Take a look around- ugly sweaters make excellent unique Christmas gifts!

ugly Christmas sweaters

Do you have an ugly Christmas sweater you would like to share? It’s time to get your ugly on!



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