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Got someone on your Christmas list who really needs or wants a new computer for Christmas, a bigger monitor or some sort of complicated computer gadget? Do you have any idea what they are talking about when they say they want a blade server? (Yeah, me neither.) Well, no matter if you know your friend is talking about something for his computer or think he is picturing a sharp cooking device,... Christmas Shopping vs. Our Economy Christmas Shopping vs. Our Economy

With today’s economy, who has the time, money or desire to shop for Christmas gifts anymore? As a kid, Christmas shopping was fun. You bought presents for your family and your best friends, usually on your parent’s dime. But in this day and age, I feel like I have got to get a Christmas gift to every person that I came in contact with over the year. The office wants to have a... – More Than Just Gifts! – More Than Just Gifts!

Who doesn’t love decorating for Christmas and being the most festive house on the block? The only problem with Christmas decorating is having to use the same old, dusty Christmas decorations year after year after year. Sure, you don’t mind seeing your favorite decorations once again, but when the Christmas lights get tangled into something that resembles a tumbleweed, shards of... – Christmas Shopping on Your Watch – Christmas Shopping on Your Watch

Do you work? If you’re like me, by the time you get home from the office, all you really want to do is spend some time with your family and enjoy a relaxing evening inside. Who has time or the energy for errands and shopping, especially when malls and stores are only open for specific hours? When, exactly, are we supposed to get our Christmas shopping out of the way? It is time consuming,... Prevents Holiday Headaches! Prevents Holiday Headaches!

Are you tired of coming home from the mall smelling of fifty six different kinds of perfume? Would you like to do your Christmas shopping without being stopped every twenty minutes by someone asking you if you would like to get a cell phone or have your nails buffed? Do you wish there were another way to buy Christmas presents than by waiting in line for fifteen minutes just to get one little...

Last Minute Gifts – Thanks Christmas!

Last Minute Gifts – Thanks Christmas!

Let’s talk about last minute gifts.  Whoa, did you hear that?  I think I heard a collective shudder go through every body reading this all at once!  We all know that shopping for Christmas gifts all too often becomes shopping for last minute gifts.  We all want our Christmas gifts to be personalized gifts, but we take too long and they become rushed and hurried.  But get this: last...

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