Heaven CD by Bill Gaither (Christian Gospel Music)

Heaven CD by Bill Gaither (Christian Gospel Music)
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Heaven CD by Bill Gaither (Christian Gospel Music)



A variety of uplifting gospel music, poetry, and inspirational scripture is included on this Heaven CD by Bill Gaither.

This Bill Gaither’s HEAVEN CD is part I in a two part series (the companion piece to GOING HOME), and is a fascinating album which combines poetry, scriptures, gospel music, and spoken word in order to explore the Eternal Resting Place concept.

This Gospel Music is a genre of music that is written particularly to express ideas of Christian life and sentiments. This Heaven CD by Bill Gaither (Christian Gospel Music) will inspire your body and soul to rejoice in the spirit of old time religion.

Track List:

  1. Opening
  2. The World Is Not My Home
  3. The Promised Land
  4. LAND Where Living Waters Flow
  5. Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
  6. We Shall See His Lovely Face
  7. When We All Get To Heaven
  8. I Don’t Belong (Sojourner’s Song)
  9. One Day
  10. Narrative
  11. Jesus, I Heard You Have a Big House
  12. When They Ring the Golden Bell
  13. Look at Me
  14. Sweet Beulah Land
  15. I Couldn’t Begin to Tell You
  16. O Come Angel Band
  17. What Are They Doing in Heaven
  18. Go Down, Death
  19. It’s Not About Now
  20. No More Night
  21. What a Day That Will Be

Surprise you loved ones this Christmas with this beautiful and inspiring collection!

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