Unique Personalized Christmas Gifts for Girls

Unique Personalized Christmas Gifts for Girls
Unique Personalized Christmas Gifts for Girls

Going through some keepsake items I have saved back from when the kids were little and some of my girls Christmas gifts from their early childhood, I came across a couple of books. I used to absolutely love to read to my daughters when they were little, and I did so starting just weeks after they were born, so it’s no wonder that these well worn books that I came across the other day brought back so many wonderful memories. As I opened the cover of one of the storybooks, visions of my oldest daughter sitting cheerfully on my lap filled my mind. With the turning of each page, I remembered her chubby little fingers pointing at colorful pictures as she learned the names of various objects, animals and special little characters.

A few hours later, when I placed the book in front of her on the kitchen table, her entire face lit up. I could tell immediately that she too was overtaken with the wonderful memories of her childhood story time. She couldn’t believe that I had saved her favorite book, and promised to keep it to enjoy with her own future children.

For weeks now, I have been trying to come up with a creative idea for a Christmas gift for my best friend’s new granddaughter, and finding those keepsake storybooks gave me the perfect idea! I started browsing around the selection of books that are available on ChristmasGifts.com, and I found some of the most unique personalized children’s books that would make excellent little girls Christmas gifts. These award winning books are certain to create wonderful childhood memories that will treasured by children and parents alike.

  • Adorable_Personalized_BookThis adorable personalized book entitled Sonny the Stork’s Special Delivery offers a charming story that is all about the day your little one was born. Complete with exciting read aloud rhymes and colorful illustrations, this enlightening storybook even includes a personalized dust jacket to help protect it for years to come. The book features customized details about your child and the unique experience of her birth including things like her name, date and place of birth, and her birth weight and length. You can even choose to add the names of friends and family members and a photo to make this gift even more unique.
  • The_Perfect_Name_For_YouThe award winning personalized name book entitled The Perfect Name for You is a unique storybook that is certain to bring giggles and create wonderful memories for you and your special little one. This creative hard cover book features a selection of animals that you choose, each delivering a letter of the alphabet that represents its favorite thing in order to spell out your child’s name. Your little one’s full name and date of birth are part of this entertaining story, and a spunky little ladybug is hiding out in each illustration to add even more fun for you and your little girl.

Both of these unique, hard cover books are certain to make excellent girls Christmas gifts, helping to create memories that will be cherished for eternity.

Do you have special memories of reading to your own children when they were small? What were some of your favorite books as a child?

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