Traveling With Wine

Traveling With Wine
Traveling With Wine

Unlike the milk mustache, the wine smile (the stain on one’s mouth from drinking red wine) lives on for those of us who love red wine. But, what do you do when you travel? What do you do when you travel to a dry city (a city that does not sell wine by the bottle) or travel to a city for which the restaurants do not sell wine?

For the wine aficionado, this could be a serious problem. However, making certain you are stocked in case of emergencies is helpful for you, as well as any guests who may be traveling with you.

While it’s not always feasible to travel with a bottle of wine, it’s easy to insulate a bottle with a bottle insulator; which will protect the bottle from breaking while traveling; even designed to protect while shipping! Other items to consider stocking in your suitcase or travel bag (not approved for unchecked baggage) is the appropriate bottle opener.

Traveling with wine could very well be an economical decision as well! Did you know that the average price of a glass of wine, delivered to your room is approximately $20! In some areas, for that price you could purchase two bottles of wine!

An important factor to consider, when drinking wine is the glassware. Some wines are made to be poured into wine glasses that have a wide girth, (red wine) which affords the liquid to oxygenate. While other wines, such as champagne, are to be poured into tall flutes.

Traveling with such glassware could prove burdensome to the traveler; so it helps to have selected glasses that are sturdy and no bigger than the width of one’s palm. That way, the glass is easy to pack and less likely to break while traveling. Happy travels!

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