The Ultimate Christmas Gift

The Ultimate Christmas Gift

The Ultimate Christmas Gift. Give the gift of flight. Your Gift of a hot air balloon ride gift certificate will be talked about, remembered and treasured as a lifetime memory. Imagine yourself, your best friend or family member floating effortlessly across the countryside and ascending into the ethereal regions of the sky in a brilliantly colored balloon. We are sure you will agree with us and thousands of participants, that; very few things in Life are as good as a ride in a hot air balloon.

Please take time to enjoy the comments of some of our participants….

  • Dan LaFavei –
    It was an experience I will never forget. You and your team took such great care of us. Thanks Again!
  • Diana –
    It’s the closest that I’ve felt to truly being an Earth Angel. Stan, your passion is contagious and joyful. Blessings to you and your wonderful crew.
  • Violet Larrabee –
    What a treat!!! Fun flying over beauty close enough to touch tree tops.
  • Carole Bates –
    Flew on June 19
    Loved it. Great experience, would do it again. Pilot was knowledgeable and informative. Ground crew very efficient everyone worked to assure we had good time. Very Satisfied.
  • Susan Johnson –
    The view was breathtaking. The silence above was a gift.
  • Douglas Roddick –
    First time in a balloon and the trip was GREAT!! The pilot was a pro and really funny.
  • Luis Bigit –
    Out of breath experince awesome. Very expereinced crew and pleasant to deal with.
  • Lloyd & Bonnie Adams –
    Really enjoyed the experience. Landing in on an Amish farm was a highlight. Pilot and crew were competent and friendly.
  • Brett Wertz –
    I thought the height might bother me but like everyone assured me, it didn’t. I had a great time. The ground crew was very efficient and were there to help us enter and exit the basket. Our pilot was very funny and constantly checked to be sure everyone was enjoying the flight
  • Troy & Sherry –
    Awesome! Our second flight with Lucas. Very knowledgeable. Plan to book again with him.
  • Lesle Harwood –
    Ive been wanting to balloon for over 20 years and the experience exceeded my expectations. We had a fabulous time!
  • John & Cheryl –
    It was wonderful! I wasn’t a bit scared. It was a Christmas gift from our kids. Lucas was a good pilot, we enjoyed traveling with him.
  • Mary Warner –
    I enjoyed it greatly. Everyone was so nice. I’ll never forget it. Luke was excellent, he was informative, considerate. It was much much better than I expected. It was Perfect.

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