The Tradition Of Thanksgiving

The Tradition Of Thanksgiving
The Tradition Of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Beginnings

Thanksgiving first started in America on the fourth November in 1621. It joined two different cultures —the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians— where they shared a dinner consisting of turkey, corn, stuffing and other foods such as pumpkin as a symbol of gratitude and thanks. It was declared an official holiday by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863. Today, 88% of Americans consume turkey as part of their Thanksgiving meal.

Every family has its own special traditions. Some will pass down recipes from previous generations, others will have their feast catered. Many times, guests will bring a food dish, gift basket or a special dessert. Often, Thanksgiving has become more than just a meal. In many households, it’s a huge party.

Chocolate Decadence.

Lots of people will start off the day watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade (which began in 1924) and catch the NFL football games later. What makes this coming Thursday significant is there are few holidays that bring on such unity and gratefulness between loved ones. Thanksgiving is such a special holiday, you will find most shopping malls closed that day.

Thanksgiving Perils

While we love to eat turkey, mashed potatoes, and delicious stuffing, there is one major pitfall that celebrants may encounter. The scrumptious side dishes and desserts can add up in calories. An average Thanksgiving meal will contain over 3,000 calories. When you consider that it only takes 3,500 calories to gain a pound, it can easily set back the diets people have tried to follow during the year. But, if just by doing an hour of aerobic exercise or even something as short as a 10-minute walk, you can offset the calories considerably.

Even with its potential for extra calories, Thanksgiving will always be a holiday that is in a class all of its own and many countries are fortunate to celebrate it each year.

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