The Top Holiday Gifts for Chefs-in-Training

The Top Holiday Gifts for Chefs-in-Training
The Top Holiday Gifts for Chefs-in-Training

Kids Can Be Natural Chefs In Training

Do you know a child who loves to cook? This holiday season, give gifts that will help fuel this passion—like pretend food play items! Gifts such as pretend play kitchens, wooden food, felt food, and play grocery cans can help inspire creativity and keep kids entertained for hours, all while helping build important skills. Pretend food toys show how kids emulate being a grownup with all the experimenting that builds upon a child’s imagination. Some chefs in training in childhood will turn out to be chefs when they are all grown up.

Here are some top holiday play food item gift ideas:

Pretend Kitchens

Pretend Kitchen With Kids

This Deluxe Pretend Play Kitchen is every little chef’s dream, with room to prepare, cook, clean, and create. This sturdy, durable wooden kitchen includes a stove, refrigerator/freezer, oven, microwave with turntable, and sink. Bright, colorful graphics and an exceptional price make this the most attractive kitchen! Easy to assemble, here is the one perfect place to play with your food!





Wooden Cutting Food Play Sets

Your little chef will love this Cutting Food set, which contains eight pieces of wooden food, a cutting board, and a wooden knife. Cutting the food makes a satisfying “crunch” sound–and a playful introduction to concepts of “whole,” “part,” and fractions. What will your little chef create with play food?


Cookie & Cupcake Sets

Does your little one have a sweet tooth? These four delectable-looking wooden cupcakes will hit the spot for imaginative play fun! This special set has three dry-erase markers shaped like icing tubes to decorate the smooth, removable, wipe-off cupcake tops. With colorful baking cupcake sleeves, decorative wooden candles, and a cheerful oven mitt to handle the four-cup baking tray, these no-cal cupcakes will be the hit of birthday and tea parties!

cookies and cupcakes

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