The Shocking Truth About Electronic Christmas Gifts for Men

The Shocking Truth About Electronic Christmas Gifts for Men
The Shocking Truth About Electronic Christmas Gifts for Men

I don’t know about you, but I can NOT take my husband down the toy aisle or electronics aisle of any store, ever. There is just something about things with buttons that makes men return to the mentality of their childhood. A few years back, while I was shopping for my son who was about 5 years old, I was in a rush, and completely disregarded my “no husbands allowed” rule. Let’s just say- it won’t happen again.

First of all, let me just say that I am a firm believer that if a gift makes repetitive, irritating noises, it is either a gift for outside, a gift for the garage, or a gift for Grandma’s house! That being said, the night I let my husband loose in the toy aisle, I quickly discovered that almost every boy toy available was electronic, and most made noise. Yes, you guessed it- they start those men out on electronics at a very young age. After almost an hour of complete chaos, I finally got my husband to stop pushing buttons long enough to distract him and remove him from the department altogether. There I was thinking I had made a quick escape, when out of nowhere appeared… the electronics department!

Fascinated, and acting as if he was in some kind of trance, my husband had to gaze at almost each and every item available, all the while muttering sounds of appreciation and awe. It was then that I discovered that the very best way to ensure that I purchase the perfect gifts for the men in my life is to buy electronic Christmas gifts for men.

Now, before you grab your coat and head out into the blustering weather, you probably ought to get your candy canes in a row. There are just  few things that you should know about buying electronic Christmas gifts for men before you begin your journey into the world of cords and batteries.


Everything You Need to Know About Purchasing Electronic Christmas Gifts for Men


  • Men love gadgets. It doesn’t really matter what the gadget does or if the man in your life will ever even have a use for it. As far as men go, a gadget is a gadget. Still, the more useful a gadget is the better. Search for things like the Tooks Bluetooth Adapter with Microphone, the iWatchz Q Collection Watch Strap for iPod Nano or the iHat Music Hat with Headphones.
  • Remember when we were kids, and we used to pretend to be spies? Well, just so you know, guys still do that. Consider purchasing a Do it Yourself Video Recording Surveillance System or Wireless Cameras for the Home with Audio and Night Vision and make use of his genius spy capabilities.
  • When it comes to buying electronic Christmas gifts for men, there is one thing that should always be remembered. Boys will be boys. Consider items like the Mini Remote Control Helicopter, the Extreme Street Tuner 1:24 Electric Toyota Supra or the Remote Control Helicopter with Camera, and bring out his inner child.
  • One last thing to remember; if it makes noise, lights up or requires batteries or a cord, it’s probably going to be a hit.

Does the man in your life love electronics?

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