The Perfect Christmas Gift for Her: No Ribbons, Boxes, or Bows Required

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Her: No Ribbons, Boxes, or Bows Required

It won’t clutter up the windowsill or sock drawer; it won’t have to be wrapped in newspaper and nestled into a moving box; it won’t break or lose value or become mind-bogglingly outdated in six months.  It is the perfect gift, and it doesn’t even need to be wrapped.

Perfect for? The gal who has everything. The gal who wants nothing. The gal whom you love, and who loves new experiences.  And it’s called an experience gift.

It’s an afternoon at the spa, pampered by expert hands, getting her toes rubbed, scrubbed and polished after sinking into an aromatic bath, before getting the kinks massaged from her weary body.

Or perhaps it’s a cooking class, a gourmet chocolate making lesson, learning how to temper, mold, dip, decorate and savor that exquisite blend of cacao and butter (and, sometimes, milk) with the guidance of a thirty-year veteran chocolatier.

Instead of a hand-blown glass vase (and for the same price tag), you could shoo her into a glass-blowing studio, the kiln glowing, lighting up an ear-to-ear grin as she blows her very own glass vase.

For the daredevil, it might be a guided trek through California’s Angeles National Forest, hiking her way to the famed Bridge to Nowhere–off which she’ll hurl herself–bungee jumping.  For the eccentric, Aerial Fabric Classes to loop herself in ropes of silk fabric, an elegant combination of gymnastics and dance.  For the foodie, a cultural food tour downtown; a champagne brunch cruise for her and her partner.

These are experience gifts, adventure gifts, gift experiences–a day in another life and the experience of a lifetime, perfect for the unique Christmas gift you’ve been searching for. No boxes, no ribbons, no bows (unless you’re so inclined), perhaps just a camera full of photos and a new sense of herself.

Now that’s a gift.

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