Romantic Christmas Gifts

Romantic Christmas Gifts
Romantic Christmas Gifts

With 7 kids, 5 of which are of the “dating” age, the search for unique romantic Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and anniversary presents has become something of an obsession around our house. While it’s true, the guys could easily each send a nice bouquet of flowers to their lady friends, and the girls could probably round up tickets to a football game or something of the like for the guys, those types of gifts are simply too ordinary for kids like mine. It is almost like they challenge each other to find the most out of the ordinary romantic gifts for their other halves each time there is any type of special occasion, and me being the creative mom that I am, guess who usually gets stuck in the middle?

Fortunately, when it comes to finding romantic Christmas gifts and gifts for other special occasions, I know just where to go. I figure that since Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus have been together since the beginning of time, they must be doing something right, so a few months ago I decided to take their lead. I scoured the internet in search of romantic Christmas gifts that would be impressive enough to satisfy the Claus’, and as usual, I ended my search right here at Are you ready to check out what I found? Grab a glass of lemonade and a box of tissue and let’s get started.

Romantic Gifts for All OccasionsGodiva-Chocolate-Gift-Basket1

  • Mrs. Claus has always said that the best way to Santa’s heart is through his tummy- after all why do you think we leave him cookies and milk near the tree every year? If you are looking for a romantic gift that is certain to satisfy, you might consider a gourmet gift. Some of my favorites include the Sea Salted Caramels and Half Dozen Christmas Strawberries from Shari’s Berries and the Godiva Chocolate Gift Basket.
  • Everyone likes to feel like they are the center of attention, and what better way to show your loved one how special he or she is than to create a customized magazine cover featuring him or her? Check out the Love Magazine Cover, or choose from a wide variety of other unique covers that are designed specifically with your loved one’s interests in mind.
  • Memories are often more important than anything else when it comes to romance, and is ready to help you create special memories with your loved one that are certain to last a lifetime. Check out the abundance of featured experience gifts and treat your special loved one to a hot air balloon ride, a romantic dinner cruise, a wine tour, or even a skydiving adventure.
  • Remind your loved one of a special time that you spent together with a Romantic Personalized Photo Lamp created especially for him or her. Inspired by a photograph that you select, this gift is a one of a kind as your love.

Romance is in the air all throughout the year. Whether you are searching for romantic Christmas gifts, heartwarming anniversary gifts, special gifts for birthdays or romantic gifts for almost any occasion, is the place to be.

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