Real Roses that Last a Lifetime…

Real Roses that Last a Lifetime…
Real Roses that Last a Lifetime…

Roses have been given throughout history as a symbol of love and friendship. Red roses are traditionally given to convey love. What better time to show your love then during the holiday season. Personalized Christmas gifts containing roses are especially unique. Ivory or white roses symbolize purity and are traditionally used for wedding and anniversaries. Pink, of course is a feminine color and often given to girls and women for occasions such as birthdays as well as Christmas. Blue roses? Now those are unique! Women aren’t the only ones who love roses. Men enjoy getting them as well, and blue roses are perfect for a husband, boyfriend or father.

Snow Globe

Now what if you could buy roses for the holidays that would not wilt but remain a lasting gift for someone you love?!, the leading website for personalized poetry, can make it happen for you. Real preserved rose domes are glass domes with a wooden base and matted personalized poem surrounded by preserved roses.

Each real red, pink, blue or ivory rose is carefully dried and then dipped in a special sealer to lock in natural beauty. These preserved roses will remain vibrant ensuring that your Poetry Rose Dome will become a lasting keepsake.

These unique real preserved rose domes can only be found at As one customer commented, “It’s great to give a personalized Christmas gift and see it proudly displayed throughout the year.”

Real roses + heartwarming poem + personalization = Priceless Poetry Gift

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