The Perfect, Geeky, Best Christmas Gifts for Men and the Geeky You

The Perfect, Geeky, Best Christmas Gifts for Men and the Geeky You
The Perfect, Geeky, Best Christmas Gifts for Men and the Geeky You

What to Give the Geeky Guy Who Has Played Everything?

The best Christmas gifts for men – Geeks.  I gotta admit, I am sorta, kinda in only a slightly huge way a geek.  If I was called a geek, to my face, by an angry bully, I’d smile and say “Yes I am.  Now please don’t hurt me.”  For two years, I had a group of friends who played “Magic: The Gathering” every Sunday.  And we only stopped so we could play Dungeons and Dragons.  Hello everyone, my name is Jared, and I’m a geek.

My Mission

But I am on a mission; I am looking for the geekiest Christmas gift for men in 2013.  The kind that would shock even a to-the-bone geek like me, with the awesome geek factor.  Something that would make even world champion geekatrons tremble at the awesome geek.  ‘Cause I am on a mission to Get it to the Geek (Geek, instead of Greek, like that movie?  Oh never mind).  I have a friend that is such a geek, he was inspector gadget for Halloween last year.  It was glorious.

But, I want Geek, not nerd, not dork, geek.  Where on earth do you draw the line?  I am thinking, nerds are a bit more loners, they like to play World of Warcraft, or master the world’s greatest Starcraft II strategy.  While not a problem, I am also a moderate master of certain games (Gears of War, I am looking at you), but that’s more nerd than geek.  How would you define geeks?  What would make a good Christmas gift for them?

Here’s a Few of My Best Finds

A critical hit D20 die.  Now for those of you who don’t know, because you aren’t in the geeky loop, when you roll a 20 in Dungeons and Dragons, you get a “critical hit”.  There is a bit more geekanese to it, but basically you deal extra damage.  This one not only screams probably the geekiest game I can think of, Dungeons and Dragons, but it also does something else.  Little known fact, geeks love shiny things.   Also things that go boom.  Surely, Geeky stuffs went boom.

Another one from a local game shop favorite of mine, they aren’t big, but they are stocked wall to wall with some of the best items of geek worship.  Can’t get much geekier than Star Wars.  Or can you?  They found a Star Wars board game.  That combines three of the geekiest things I know!  Star Wars, board games, and Star Wars!

My last Geek find, was this little gem.  Geeks, making fun of geeks, who play geeky games, with other geeks, through an even geekier game, played by geeks, at a geeky round table (serving suggestion), with other geeks.  That’s a lot of geek!  This game has MANY expansions making fun of things like Dungeons and Dragons, with expansions like “The Need For Steed” and “Clerical Errors”, Zombies, Vampires, Cthulhu, with titles like “Call of Cowthulhu”, Magic and, the crème de la crème of Geek worship, Star Wars, with titles like “The Clown Wars”.  The name of the game is Munchkin, with glorious rules like “If a disagreement over rules arises, it should be settled by a loud shouting match, with the owner of the game having the last say”.

Christmas Gift Geek game

So, we want to hear from you. What is the Geekiest Christmas gift you have ever received? I suggest you start the search and haunt it where super gadget and budget Geek thrives before the month of Christmas arrives.

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