Our Special Christmas Gift Giveaway

Our Special Christmas Gift Giveaway
Our Special Christmas Gift Giveaway

Who Doesn’t Love A Unique $100 Gift Certificate?

Hello Everyone! Since Christmas is just around the corner, we here at Christmasgifts.com have come up with a new giveaway as a way of saying thank you to you all. We are proud to announce Our Special Christmas Gift Giveaway. One lucky recipient will receive a special Cloud9living.com. Experience Gift Certificate worth $100 USD.

Experience Gift certificates make the traditional gift certificate seem much less interesting. With a Experience Gift Certificate, you will be presented with more than 1800 experience options so there’s sure to be something you will be fascinated with. Some of the more popular experiences offered include such things as dinner cruises, the fighter pilot for a day experience, driving or racing experiences, and spa packages.

How To Win

Here’s what’s required for an entry:
Post your comment here on our Blog page “OR”
Leave a comment on our Facebook page by clicking here.

a) What would you say is your Worst Christmas experience?
b) What would you say is your Best Christmas experience?

Additional Rules

  1. Contest is open to residents of the United States and Canada.
  2. You must have a valid email address.
  3. Duplicate Entries will be disqualified.
  4. Last day to enter is Friday, November 15th, 2013 at 11:59PM EST
  5. Winner will be drawn at random.

All of us at Christmasgifts.com appreciate your support. Please contact us with any questions. Good luck to you all! We appreciate your support and look forward to your responses.

Recent Comments

  1. Best, was my last year when my daughters were old enough to appreciate stockings. They couldn’t believe how many tiny things were in there.

    Worst was, well I don’t really have a worst, but I hosted a cookie exchange once that was terrible!

  2. Worst Christmas: My mother died less than a month before Christmas, my Grandma died a few weeks later……….that ranks as the worst Christmas imaginable.
    Best Christmas: Many years ago, the last Christmas we had at my Grandparent’s house with all the family there.

  3. My worst Chrismas experience was being stuck in the Miami airport. All of the hotels were sold out because of a snow storm at home. We made the best of it and laugh now!

    My best Christmas was the year we gave our kids a trip to Disney!

  4. My worst Christmas was the year that my brother was arrested on Christmas day just as we sat down to open our presents. He had been accused of insurance fraud (later proven to be false). It was horrible watching him be dragged out by the police in handcuffs. My best Christmas was the one where I was able to send my Mother away to visit a friend in Arizona for two months that she had not seen in over 30 years. My father had just died the month before and she was very upset still so this gave her the break away that she needed. I had never seen my Mother cry, even when my Father died, but when she saw the tickets it broke through her wall and she got tears in her eyes of joy. Nothing has ever topped the feeling I had that day.

  5. My worst Christmas expedience was the year my Mom bought me a Gillette razor set ….the only problem was that I had a big bushy beard at the time. But even though the gift was useless, we still had a good laugh about It. My best Christmas experience was the year I secretly flew home to surprise my Mom and little brother on Christmas morning.

  6. the worst, was my now ex husband gave me a green garbage can! he thought it was a great gift cause it had a lid..no wonder he’s my ex

    my best was getting my little dog Belle for Christmas after my son passed away…

  7. My worst Christmas also turned out to be one of my best.

    I went to Chicago two days before Christmas with a friend of mine to attend a mutual friends graduation from the naval academy, we planned to attend the ceremony,stay overnight and be home by Christmas Morning…

    Bad weather came in the night we arrived and it was too bad to drive back,we had to rent a hotel and stay overnight on Christmas eve,Christmas day we planned to wake up and begin driving home but it was still stormy weather so we had to stay,we were basically stranded in Chicago on Christmas..we were so upset.

    Our friend that we went to visit, asked his Commander for a few hours off, so he could take us out for Christmas dinner, but nothing was open!!!

    We ended up at a Chinese restaurant. We were the only guests for awhile and they took care of us very well, even played Christmas music and gave us free coffee and desert. It turned out to be an amazing Christmas memory and the next morning we were able to drive home.

  8. Worst – When I was 9, a relative gave me a book about Van Gogh paintings but it wasn’t a kids book or anything! It was a coffee table and I had no interest in it. I think my parents still have it.

    Best – The year my family and I decided to put money together and take what we would have spent on gifts for each other to the food bank. That was a great feeling and we all bonded over that experience.

  9. a) What would you say is your Worst Christmas experience? having all the family together
    b) What would you say is your Best Christmas experience? years where we don’t have all the family together

  10. My best and worst were the same day. I was 3 months pregnant and I was very very sick. I couldn’t keep anything down and I could barely stay awake long enough to open gifts (ended up going to the hospital later) but I did get the most wonderful gift. my step daughter got me a necklace that says MOM on it. it was the first time she told me that she accepted me as her family. it was so wonderful! I cried of course

  11. BEST: When my husband was out of work & our whole tiny little community rallied around our family of 6 (then…now we are a family of 8!) to lift us up & help make our Christmas extra special. It was beautiful! All the love & support & giving-spirit of everyone.

    WORST: We have never had a “bad” Christmas. There has been years we couldn’t afford gifts but, we have never really done without. We’ve always found ways to make it special. Even if it was just a meal & singing caroles. It’s a day when we remember that God gave us His only Son & that alone it special! Nothing else required.

  12. Best was back when all of my grandparents and my great-grandma were still living. We went from house to house and ate well and opened presents.

    Worst was when I was little and my grandma asked me if I liked the outfit she bought me, and I told her I thought it would look better on someone else. My mom still tells that story, and I’m 32 now.

  13. a) What would you say is your Worst Christmas experience? My worst Christmas experience was the year we had a blizzard and I was unable to go home. That was the first Christmas I missed in 25 years.

    b) What would you say is your Best Christmas experience? My best Christmas experience was my first Christmas with my daughter. Family has always been the center of our Christmas and I was so excited to be carrying on the family traditions.

  14. My worst was the year my husband’s job hours had been cut and we could only afford to buy our son one very, very inexpensive gift.

    My best was the first year of having grandchildren to buy Christmas gifts for. When your own children grow up the joy of having small children in the home for holidays is gone, but when you have grandchildren the joy is back.

  15. My best christmas was my son’s first Christmas in 2011 He started walking around that time and he loved everything he got! It made me happy.
    My worst Christmas is actually last year 2012. I was in a really bad situation, I couldn’t afford christmas so I returned some clothes I had gotten to Kmart on Christmas Eve Just to get my son some Christmas presents, it was really sad because I only had a few items so he got some toy cars that made really loud annoying sounds lol & a mr potato head. I still feel depressed about that day 🙁 I’ll never forget it. I’m determined to make this Christmas a great memory for my son.

  16. Worst was my Dad left us,my mom stayed in bed sad & my brother was in the hospital. Best was when my daughter & her family came back home to stay from living in Florida!

  17. There have been quite a few good Christmas moments in my life, mostly when the family all gets together and we watch my sister’s kids tear through the presents and light up when they see that frivolous little piece of plastic they couldn’t live without (during that week anyway).

    The WORST Christmas experience was when a certain family member (who shall remain unnamed) drained half a box of wine and decided to celebrate the sacred holiday by having a sort of “airing of grievances.” There was plenty of merry recriminations and jolly accusations thrown around, as well as a sizable portion of delicious and sharp-edged ham. The Christmas tree was toppled in a drunken tussle, in some symbolic manifestation of the disastrous occasion.

  18. My best Christmas was last year seeing both my Grandsons and having a great week visit with them, my worst was the Christmas of 1995 that was the first year without my dad, it was a very hard time.

  19. my worst Christmas experience was when my 85 year old grandma came down to SoCal from Washington for Christmas! I hadn’t seen her in years….she surprised us all on Christmas morning just like she was a present from Santa!! It was very cool 🙂

    my worst Christmas was when I was a kid. I found out about the “real” Santa when I was 11 years old. Needless to say, it was the most disappointing Christmas ever 🙁

  20. My best Christmas was bringing my new daughter home to Canada to see her new family. My worst was the year I stayed home alone all bandaged up due to the surgery I had!

  21. “Worst” Christmas experience was being told we were receiving a private phone line as a group gift, while we were children. Fortunately, this minor disappointment was more than compensated by a tree full of shiny wrapped presents most other years.

  22. worst xmas experience was discovering xmas eve that the tree was bug infested. I was 9 mos pregnant and spent the night dismantling the tree, cleaning the ornaments and the rug, All that hard work led to the best thing that ever happened on xmas though – the next day my DD was born 🙂

  23. Best Christmas was the 1st Christmas at our home on the lake. All the families came for skating on the lake and Christmas in the country.
    Worst Christmas was when we drove over 800 miles for a family tradition Christmas (I was new to the family). Part of the family did the traditional Christmas which we participated in. When we arrived for the Christmas gift opening and dinner it was already over! WORST Christmas ever!

  24. Best; celebrating my daughter’s first christmas with her! Oh, the glee on her face and the wonder in her eyes!
    Worst; catching my now ex husband kissing my sister in the bedroom closet!

  25. Best was getting engaged to my husband. Worst was receiving paper plates as a Christmas gift from one of y closest friends.

  26. I’ve never had a bad Christmas experience. My best Christmas experience was taking my then fiance to meet my parents for the first time.

  27. Stephanie LaPlante

    Best would be in high school decorating my wheelchair in Christmas lights.

    Worst would be deathly ill the hospital.

  28. My worst Christmas will be this year – ONLY ONE CHILD COMING HOME. O GRANDBABIES. It will be just 3 of us.
    My best Christmas was when my husband decided we needed to plan a trip Asia.

  29. 3 more days left to participate in our Contest! Good Luck!

  30. My favorite Christmas was the year my boyfriend gave me tickets to London because that trip turned out to be one of best, most romantic moments to date.

    My worst Christmas was spent in mourning. A family member had died Thanksgiving Day and our family did not celebrate or get together that year.

  31. My worst Christmas, which really isn’t bad now but at the time was painful, was in fifth grade. Our class had a grab bag exchange. I brought a nice gift, but the girl who got my name didn’t bring anything. I didn’t care about the gift part, but I was embarrassed by all the attention that resulted from it. The day after Christmas, she came to my house and gave me a book, a cheaply bound classic (probably a gift someone gave her) which I had already read, hated and still dislike to this day. If given an option, I bow out of grab bags and secret Santa gift exchanges . When my children had to participate, I always made sure they gave something appropriate, fun, upbeat.

    My best Christmas was when my children were preschoolers and everything was magical for them. So much joy!

  32. worse – when snow followed us to Disney World

    best – get a present from my dad’s parents on Christmas morning

  33. The worst Christmas was spent in an airport…the best Christmas was on a plane watching the sunrise on Christmas Day & getting home that day!

  34. Worst. – As I awoke on Christmas morning I was loving the feeling of the sun shining on my face through the window. After taking this in for a minute and being thankful for such a beautiful sunrise on Christmas morning I thought to myself, ‘ Wait…I live in Canada and it’s December! Why is the sun shining so beautifully?’ Everyone had slept in until LUNCHTIME! Needless to say, the turkey was a bit late.
    Best – One Christmas we had a huge snowstorm and the power went out. The whole family sat around in candlelight playing board games and enjoying all of the peppermint ice cream that, well, probably wouldn’t have melted, but hey, why take that risk?

  35. best christmas was when we got all of our presents when dad won at a poker game… snta was good

    worst christmas was being out at sea for the first time in the us navy


  37. My worst Christmas experience was when I went away to high school. My best Christmas experience is every year the kids aren’t fighting.

  38. I can’t think of a bad Christmas experience. They are all really nice ‘cuz I spend them with my family.

  39. spending it with friends and family back in taiwan!

  40. 1) I would have to say my worst Christmas experience was in grade 5.
    Our teacher put all of our names in a hat for Secret Santa and we each got
    Our Secret Santa a small gift. I was excited to open my gift, however it was
    really sad by the end of it. I opened it up and it was a crossword book. I was happy til
    I looked through the pages. The puzzles were already worked on, scribbled and
    pages were ripped up. Yup was upsetting.

    2) my best experience have to be giving out gifts to the little
    ones. Just watching their faces while ripping the wrapping paper.
    Spending time with family and eating Lindor.

  41. Best was when I was 7 years old and got the puppy I had been wanting for the whole year before!

  42. worst Christmas experience..gift basket made by my mom..all was good until I saw tampons( and so did everyone else)..embarrassing!!!

    Best Christmas experience has been every year that my grandson is with us..he is 7 yrs old and a miracle he is with us born 1lb 10 oz..so every Christmas and everyday I am grateful

  43. my worst was without my family my best was with my family

  44. worst experience is when my husband’s grandmother kept saying that it was her last christmas, and i had just met her.

    best experience is when my husband picked out an awesome gift without any hints from me

  45. What would you say is your Worst Christmas experience? When I woke up and looked at my stocking and thought I saw it full of sticks! I stayed away from that stocking the entire morning.

    What would you say is your Best Christmas experience? Finally I went to look at what was in my stocking and I was relieved to see it was not sticks but actually was a bag of Green Army Men!

  46. My worst was not Being able to get the Kids the Wanted for CHIRISTmas >>>>> The BEST CHRISTmas experience was Having Baby #7 On daddys Birthday Dec 3rd Now that was the Best Early CHRISTmas Present,and Birthday Gift for Hunny

  47. I feel each and every christmas is my favorite!

  48. The worst Christmas ever was when I was sixteen. My parents divorced that year and there was so much tension , it was the toughest time ever for me. The best Christmas was the year my nephew was born! It was the first baby in our family in a long time. It’s amazing how the presence of little ones can affect Christmas spirit!

  49. Not to be a total downer, but my sister died and her funeral, typically three days after dying, was supposed to be on Christmas. We delayed it a day… Worst Christmas ever.

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