Musical Jewelry Box Christmas Giveaway

Musical Jewelry Box Christmas Giveaway
Musical Jewelry Box Christmas Giveaway

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Any Woman

We are doing it again! Since Christmas is less than 14 days away, we here at have come with a new giveaway that you can treasure for a lifetime. We are proud to announce “Musical Jewelry Box Christmas Giveaway”. One lucky recipient will receive their special Remarkable Solid Burl-Elm Floral Theme Wood Inlay Musical Jewelry Box, a prize worth $145 USD.

Christmas Gift for WomenThis unique musical jewelry box is elegantly designed with a beautiful floral pattern across the top, and is enhanced with the exquisite natural wood grain of the burl elm.

How To Win

Here’s what’s required for an entry:
1. Like us on our Facebook page by clicking here.
2. Answer the question by commenting here on our page or Facebook:
What is the most treasured Christmas Gift you ever received?


Additional Rules

  1. Contest is open to residents of the United States only.
  2. You must have a valid email address.
  3. Duplicate Entries will be disqualified.
  4. Last day to enter is Sunday, December 22nd, 2013 at 11:59PM EST
  5. Winner will be drawn at random.

All of us at appreciate your support. Please contact us with any questions. Good luck to you all! We appreciate your support and look forward to your responses.

Recent Comments

  1. My most treasured gift is the ring my deceased father gave me when I was 21.

  2. my most memoriable gift was a picture of my father , my daughter and myself, that i received in the mail the year my father passed. I don’t know who sent it but I didn’t even know the picture existed and I got a blank card in the mail with the picture inside .

  3. My husband gave me a gold rope necklace about 10 years ago, its small but I love it!

  4. That would be Having Baby #7 on Dec 3rd on Daddy’s Birthday, That was the most amazing Present for the both of us

  5. A ring from my Father when I was 16. He passed away when I was 21, and I treasure all of our memories together!

  6. Melissa Kitley Potter

    a Christmas inspired rosary from my grandma

  7. A lighted hutch that matches my kitchen table!

  8. The gift of being with family

  9. The twins

  10. Actually this music box is a reminder…my late mom gave me a similar one many years ago and it broke during a move. I still have the pieces and I still treasure it.

  11. most treasured xmas gift i ever received was making time with my husband and our 2 time……baking cookies, making homemeade tree ornaments and popcorn garland,sled riding,and playing family board games…relaxing family time focusing on family not store bought gifts as much

  12. My daughter was born on the 5th of January and was without any doubt the greatest (late) Christmas gift ever!

  13. My husbands love of me is my most treasured Christmas gift.

  14. This is definetly a wonderful site to browse and I would definetly pass the word on to other people…..The Music Box is very beautifully designed.

  15. A quilt that my grandmother made my one year for Christmas.

  16. One roller skate and my sister got the other one

  17. The most treasured Christmas gift I received was a jade bracelet from my mother that had been her’s for years.

  18. Handmade purse and broach from my little man

  19. would be my record player when I was 7!

  20. A diamond necklace I got last year

  21. Love my iPod. Music is one of my favorite things.

  22. My best gift was a hand made coupon book from my son who was 9. I still have it. Has free car washes, doing the dishes, and more. I found it and asked to redeem one and he just looked so shocked. He is now 23!!

  23. My Favorite christmas gift has to be the pair of my grandma’s earrings I got just before she passed away when I was 11. They are beautiful and it makes me happy to have something with so much history.

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