Making the Most of Your Christmas Decorations

Making the Most of Your Christmas Decorations

Spring has sprung, and that means only one thing at my house:  Spring Cleaning!  Luckily, I got a head start this weekend, organizing and tidying all of the little remnants of the holiday season that haven’t made it into storage yet.  If you’re like me, you like to leave your favorite Christmas Ornaments and holiday decorations up year-round.  And even though we’re only in March, just looking at all of the neat holiday décor I bought through last season got me thinking about ways to incorporate the best of the holiday season throughout the entire year.

For example, Christmas lights really up the ambiance-factor of an otherwise humdrum balcony, deck, or patio.   And the Personalized Christmas Photo Ornaments I received as a gift look fantastic hanging in the kitchen, the bedroom, or even from the rearview mirror of my car!  I’ve even hung the custom-made Christmas stocking I bought last year near the front door so I have a handy place to put my keys and separate my bills from my junk mail.

As for the hundreds of other ornaments and Christmas Decorations that have been piling up in the hall closet, the secret to organization is easy.  Take time to snap a quick photo of the ornaments or other Christmas decorations that you’re packing away in a shoebox – then tape the photo to the outside of the box.  When the holiday season rolls around again, it’ll be a snap to locate your favorite ornaments, stockings, wreaths, and table décor without having to dig through mountains of tissue paper and bubble wrap!

Cleaning out and re-organizing your Christmas decorations is a great way to uncover Stocking Stuffers for next year, too!   All of the little Christmas knickknacks that were buried under piles of gift wrap and tinsel can be re-wrapped and gifted to friends, family and co-workers when you don’t need to give a big expensive gift, or just want lots of little things to pile up under the tree.  However you decide to tackle your post-holiday chores, make it more fun by turning on some Christmas carols and making time to flip through all of those priceless holiday photos.  After all, it’ll be Christmas again before you even know it!

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