Make Your Holidays Hot & Spicy

Make Your Holidays Hot & Spicy
Make Your Holidays Hot & Spicy

Let’s face it. Most people on your gift list this year really have everything. And the things they do want you probably can’t afford, like a new iPad, smart phone, or flat screen t.v. So why not just make their entire year a little more fun with an “of the month club?”

This Hot & Spicy Club offers those who like fiery food an exciting journey into an inferno. Each month they will get to sample unique hot sauces, sizzling snacks like jalapeno nuts and habanero potato chips, chili fixin’s bursting with heat, and lots of other foods that will knock their socks off.

As with anything, though, too much of a good thing could cause some discomfort. And if your recipient gets a little too excited and overindulges in his blazing treats, he might need a fire extinguisher.The only thing we don’t include in their monthly gift are instructions on how to douse the flames – but here are some ideas they may want to keep handy:

Drink milk. You have to hold the milk in your mouth for a few seconds to mitigate the effects of the spice on your tongue. Apparently the milk products’ protein traps the pepper’s volatile oils and washes them out of your mouth.
Eat a piece of bread, crackers, bagel, or anything made of dough. It will soak up the chemicals on your tongue like a sponge and offer some relief.

Ice cream or an ice pop can subdue the scalding sensation. And they have the added benefit of being tasty.
Gargle with a little ice water and then spit it out. The motion will help lift the chemicals and then eliminate them from your mouth. An ice cube in your mouth offers the same concept and may work faster than water.

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