Make Learning Fun with Toys and Games

Make Learning Fun with Toys and Games
Make Learning Fun with Toys and Games

Time to say good-bye to the board games of the past and say  hello to the new style electronic learning of today!  Technology has made it’s way into the learning /gaming world.  Great news for the the children on your holiday shopping list.  Here are some fabulous Christmas gift ideas for game gifts  to help expand their still developing brains.

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Popular learning games include a wide range of topics such as:

  • Music /Arts & Colors
  • Movement/ Coordination
  • Math/Science/ Language

0 – 3 years old

Not quite ready for electronics, the infants enjoy bright and colorful gifts designed to captivate and entrance.   The perfect gift for this age is aimed at stimulating the senses a popular gift is a Wimmer-Ferguson Mind Shapes, Car Seat Gallery, and Infant-Stim Mobile.  Brightly colored with cool shaped mobile pieces this is sure to engage any infant.

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4-7 years old

Toddlers are beginning to learn about doing things.  Did you know that at this age a child can assemble a simple puzzle, finger paint, manipulate clay and can even stack blocks up to nine high.   This is the best time to get your toddler acclimated to the computer.   The  iXL™ Learning System is a software gift that has everything from arcade-style games, a notepad and an Mp3 player.  This spy game adventure helps your tot learn lower case numbers, crack codes as well as create musical playlists.

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8-12 year olds

In the world of the “tween” (aka:  pre-teenager) not only are they beginning to learn about the world but they’re beginning to understand their place in that world and see the outcomes of their efforts.   A very cool “hip” Christmas gift is the PlayStation Vita gaming device.  This device has wifi adaptivity so your tween can always stay connected to friends and family.

What were some of your favorite games growing up?

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  1. Never thought of a video game as a gift for a youngster, but it does seem like a good idea. It’s so often hard to get something that they’ll use and enjoy. Easy to buy this way, too.

  2. This is great! Finally some games that are appropriate for kids who are younger. I know many people who wouldn’t want their kids playing some of those violent video games. This would make a really great gift!

  3. This is great! Finally a video game for younger children that is age appropriate. I know many parents that wouldn’t want their kids playing some of those violent video games. This is a great alternative that makes a wonderful gift!

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