Inexpensive and DIY Cute Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

Inexpensive and DIY Cute Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends
Inexpensive and DIY Cute Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

Cute Christmas gifts for boyfriends? Are you kidding me? We hear all of the time about how difficult it is to shop for women, but I will tell you- from my personal experience men are a lot more difficult to find gifts for. Take my husband, for instance: he is my best friend and I know him inside and out but when it comes time to get him a gift? I go blank. I get nervous. I get frustrated, and to be honest, usually I just tell him to go spend money on himself. Last time I did that, however, I got that sad look that says “You can’t think of a single gift that would make me smile”. Sigh. I guess I am going to have to beef up my gift giving skills.

I can only imagine the frustration other women feel when trying to find cute Christmas gifts for boyfriends. My husband and I have a special kind of relationship. See, I am probably the clumsiest person on the face of the earth, but when I do something embarrassing, I simply laugh it off (like I meant to do that). He thinks it is cute. He doesn’t expect me to be perfect, simply unique. So it would come as no surprise that he expects cute Christmas gifts from me, right? And so the challenge begins.

We are on a hunt: together you and I. It’s time we showed those boys what we are made of! Let’s blow their minds! Let’s see if we can find cute Christmas gifts for boyfriends and husbands that are not just unique, but affordable as well! Maybe we can even create some fun gifts ourselves!

Great Ideas for Cute Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends and Husbands

  • GIANTmicrobes® Brain CellOkay, he’s got that smile, he’s got that flair, and now he has a GIANTMicrobes Brain Cell! One of the best gag gifts I have ever seen, and educational as well, these adorable plushies are simply so much fun!
  • There simply isn’t anything cuter than presenting him with your most personal messages. These amazing Jars of Notes do just that! With 31 tiny envelopes filled with your personal messages, your quirkiest moments will be remembered for years to come.
  • Night Before Christmas Gift BasketWhat about a homemade gift basket this holiday season? Stop by your local thrift store and grab the most unique container you can find. Fill it with items like a gift certificate that offers him a monthly club gift, movie tickets, theater treats, maybe a DVD and hey, what about these adorable Keepsake coupon tickets I found?

What cute Christmas gifts for boyfriends and husbands have you found this holiday season? Tell us about it, and be sure to share this with your friends! We love hearing from you.

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